Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin, recently published a blog post in which he claimed that he still owns all the rights to the Bitcoin registry. He said that the developers of various forks of Bitcoin did not have the right to change the underlying database. It would appear that Wright plans to sue several crypto projects in 2020. In essence, he is claiming that he is owed over $100 billion.

Craig Wright Bitcoin Claim 

According to Wright, all cryptocurrencies that were forked from the original code of Bitcoin are essentially copies of his database. He gave an example of how an open-source MIT license functions. He mentioned Linux and claimed that while it was open-source, the product of the work from Linux was not. As a result, he claims he owns all the rights of the Bitcoin codebase.

He added that anyone could fork his software and make new versions. However, they did not have a right to change the protocol using the original database. Wright said that he had put forth specific reasons why the database should not be forked in the past. However, both Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin ABC had used his database without authorization.

Craig Wright Believes He Was Robbed 

Wright added that the developers of these forks had gone on to attack his character instead of seeking licenses. As a result, he plans to take legal action to regain control over his system. He also shared a screenshot of a Slack chatroom in which he allegedly said that both of the two coins are not forks. Instead, they are in breach of rights to the database. In essence, he is claiming he has been robbed of over $100 billion.

Legal Woes

Wright is currently embroiled in a legal battle with the estate of Kleiman. The legal team for Kleiman alleges that Wright has obfuscated thousands of documents. However, Wright claims that he has attorney-client privilege over more than 11,000 documents. He has also claimed that he has a bonded courier who is not allowed to share any information in court. According to Craig, despite the recent dissolution of several companies, the attorney-client privilege still exists.

Wright Can’t Prove He Created Bitcoin

His recent claims that he is owed over $100 billion are comical, to say the least. For years, Wright has claimed in various interviews that he is the creator of BTC. He even appeared on the cover of GQ magazine due to his claims. In the recent past, he has been more brazen about his claim. He even managed to receive an award  that stated he was Satoshi Nakamoto from Colombia. It is the main reason why he is embroiled in a legal battle.

His claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto has been debunked numerous times by various experts. Besides that, he has never presented any evidence that he is the true creator of Bitcoin. Many have called on him to move even one Satoshi out of the original Bitcoin mined by Satoshi Nakamoto. However, he has never done so to this day.

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