Transfer from Visa and MasterCard to Bitcoin (BTC)
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Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency and the leader in terms of capitalization (more than 600 billion US dollars). Used to purchase services and goods on the Internet, pay in physical stores in several countries, and for money transfers.

MasterCard/Visa are the world’s most popular international payment services. The cards guarantee a fast transaction speed and a level of security. More than 20 thousand financial institutions in two hundred countries issue plastic cards with the names of these systems. With the cards of these systems, it is possible to pay for goods in physical stores in your country, abroad, and on the Internet.

Looking at cryptocurrencies currently functioning, Bitcoin is the most sought-after and interesting activity, and you can see it here: It is a high level of liquidity and reliability of the currency. The number of platform participants daily. Growing demand affects the dynamics of the exchange rate. There are several activity options for purchasing electronic money that is used in Visa/MasterCard social networks.

It is not possible to make a direct transfer from the Credit card to the VTS. To this end, benefits from the services of special exchange services should be expected. Before going to intermediaries often, you need to get a separate wallet. The process of acquiring cryptocurrency requires knowledge of each territory. Having dealt with all aspects, the procedure does not look so complicated to implement. By clicking on the link these ones, you can quickly and profitably transfer from Visa and MasterCard to Bitcoin (BTC).

Creation of an electronic wallet

Currently, users have various options for storing Bitcoin:

  • desktop wallets
  • online storage
  • special services
  • exchange wallets
  • payment system resources
  • hardware wallets

The above methods have advantages and disadvantages. The choice of a particular type depends on the personal preferences of the user.

Desktop wallets are programs that are installed on a computer’s hard drive. In this case, the safety of funds is due to the reliability of the carrier. To date, there are dozens of similar “heavy” and “light” programs. The former requires a large amount of disk space. Most of the time, they operate offline, except for the moment of direct transfer of funds. “Light” software accesses the network more often, although it takes up less free space on the PC. Hardware resources (special devices for connecting to a PC) are similar in their functionality to software resources.

The Blockchain service is considered to be a prominent representative of online storage. In addition to storing cryptocurrency, the resource offers many more options. Its disadvantage is the insufficient degree of selection of favorable exchangers of the interface at However, high reliability and lack of failures speak in favor of the site.

For people who purchase electronic money on exchanges, it is preferable to use the wallets provided by these resources as Bitcoin storage. Their use becomes possible immediately after registration on the trading platform. The reliability of these wallets leaves some doubts. Therefore, experienced miners prefer not to deposit impressive amounts of funds here.

Popular payment systems (WebMoney, Advcash, etc.) meet the conditions of reliability and practicality. But they are not without drawbacks: complicated registration and verification, high commission fees for transactions, and limited withdrawal options. For example, a Credit Card USD is not supported by all systems.

Choosing a platform that allows you to transfer from Visa/MasterCard to BTC

It should be noted that most of the exchange resources support the possibility of paying with Visa and MasterCard bank cards. There are three ways to purchase BTC:

  • electronic exchangers
  • BitCoin cryptocurrency exchanges
  • payment systems

In many ways, the choice of platform is influenced by the location of the pre-created electronic wallet.

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