Bmoon Network and their merging 2 million+ users’ ecosystem, open up the gate of blockchain exposure in South East Asia. Let’s rewind to the start of the history of cryptocurrency and the growth of BitCoin. When it first started, BitCoin is a brand new, anonymous project that first ever comes up with the idea of digital currency that is not being controlled by any bank or government. In fact, it now becomes somewhat true and turned into an asset that is worth a whole, with the acceptance from billions of people.

Bitcoin was a product at first, any kind of product that exists in the modern market will need exposure, growth, and usability to have the communities’ belief before it reaches a high level of awareness to become something truly worthy. In another word, households, companies structures, and governments that run today, the necessity to work together through trust, evidence, and community acceptance is a social norm.

Nowadays, many cryptocurrencies community has reached a high level of awareness globally. Crypto’s social media communities are not only the space where people come and discuss, creditable communities are the sources that people will join, and seek their desired insight with thoughts from others when it comes to news and information analytics, but in fact, new communities are being created every day publicly or anonymously. Not many community networks out there can actually bring true value to investors, as well as create the connection between creditable blockchain firms or projects, ventures, exchanges, or communities. 

Therefore, Bmoon Network was built based on those motives, a network that owns not only the community that Bmoon created but also owning partner’s well-known communities such as BINANCE VIETNAM COMMUNITY, BMOON DAILY NEWS, BNB GLOBAL, BMOON INDONESIA, BMOON BRAZIL, BMOON INDIA,…

A successful blockchain/NFTs project when it’s at the sowing stage will need acceptance from the communities with their ideas before it can continue on any journey that it’s heading. Therefore, Bmoon Blockchain & Crypto Network was born to become the source, the helper of existing & upcoming projects that need exposure, research, and fact discussion among the community, network as well as marketing exposure activities.

Bmoon Network ecosystem of the South East Asia, especially Phillipines, Indonesia, Vietnam and upcoming expansions to many other countries

50+ national and global well-known communities channels, above 2 millions member across all platforms with above 15 million reach monthly combined is the number that Bmoon Network Ecosystem is now reaching and still rapidly expanding. Founded & Operated by a group of former chiefs at top national social media corporations such as BeatVN (10M+ users) or GAPO (7M+ users). 

With years of experience and passion in community building, the team behind Bmoon Network and itself, has become the headliner of results for searches of “what crypto network we should look for” when any project comes to Vietnam or nearby. 

The most active Bmoon Network community channels are mainly on Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. Some of Bmoon’s headliners will be focusing on diverse contents and discussion topics related to Binance, trading, games, project research, trending projects on different chains, or national/worldwide’s finance highlighted information and insight into the crypto space.

The Bmoon Network Expansion & power towards invest community

Community Channels/Groups from the Bmoon Network’s ecosystem are built for years with helpful information on crypto, finance, or early insight from the Bmoon R&D team with community partners, who conduct research and gather news from creditable sources, along with constant efforts in updating channels to ensure users will be the earliest group who reached helpful information on the right time. Even helpful information on trading support such as highlighted and potential projects in the market, chart alerts, and hidden gems. From years of community building, credibility and trust from Bmoon channels grow and continuously expand to many other countries. 

Bmoon’s power is not only stopping at information, news, critics, or community discussion. The network aimed to be the gate for projects, exchanges, and ventures to find, greet and connect. With their help and the possibility to reach millions of crypto’s audience, as well as helping ventures, exchanges and other communities to find potetial projects to invest and collaborate. 

Long-term social media expertise in the crypto space is one of Bmoon’s team’s biggest assets. Also, big data & connection of thousands of national/international crypto influencers, the time of connecting to top-tier influencers will be shortened and fit the project’s budgets, demand, or targeted audience. In other words, giving the right advice for ventures or projects on marketing strategy in Vietnam, South East Asia, or many other global markets upon request. 

The power of Bmoon is not just information, news, critics, or community discussion. The network built as the gate for projects, exchanges, and ventures to find, and connect to each other, and able to reach millions of crypto-targeted audiences, especially crypto’s newcomers or non-crypto users.

One of the largest crypto private event hosted by Bmoon: Buidl & Chill in Hanoi, Vietnam with an attendant of more than 150 CEOs and C-level of Vietnam’s top ventures, national & global media agencies, top crypto exchanges such as BNB CHAIN, HUOBI GLOBAL, OKX, Asia Blockchain Association, Vietnam Blockchain Association, Vietnam Blockchain Union and many others.

Another highlighted ceremony of Bmoon on signing MOU with the president of Vietnam Blockchain Union (VBU), who also is the founder of Vietkey – the world’s most used Vietnamese typing software.

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