MetaFD is the world’s first by-invitation-only STaaS (Staking-As-A-Service) that allows token holders to create sustainable earnings through stable staking and social sharing. 

MetaFD makes it possible for crypto investors to create sustainable earnings between 39% to 60% per year through stable staking and earn up to 20% profit sharing from your friends’ staking returns. 

With no limit to the number of friends you can introduce, MetaFD provides an opportunity for MetaFD token holders to stake, share and earn. 

MetaFD makes it possible for token holders to participate in staking without needing the knowledge or expertise to do so while receiving a profit-sharing fee for inviting their friends into this platform. 


MetaFD takes the complexity out of staking for users by managing the staking process on their behalf. For MetaFD token holders, they can enjoy a simple user experience with the platform and leave the staking process in the hands of the Yield-Hunting AI Bot to invest in short-to-long term staking projects. 

This removes all obstacles for newcomers who often find the complex terminology and steps to participate in staking. 

With the dramatically reduced barrier to entry to get started with staking, ordinary crypto investors can get started with MetaFD with a few simple clicks. The rewards and profit sharing generated also go directly to users’ wallets hosted by MetaFD, adding to their original capital investments. 

Removing Obstacles To Opportunities

While staking can be an excellent way to earn income on your cryptocurrency holdings, it is still a risky venture as the underlying cryptocurrency value can fluctuate wildly. Unlike most cryptocurrency, MetaFD is a stable coin that is tied to USDT value. 

The APY between 39% – 60% is highly dependent on market volatility and the time duration selected. This concept of arbitrage trading is nothing new for Wall Street types. MetaFD guarantees that any trade executed by its yield-hunting bot will make a profit as it is designed to find trading discrepancies across exchanges. 

As MetaFD is the world’s first by-invitation-only STaaS (Staking-As-A-Service), you’ll need to be referred by a token holder of MetaFD to stake on this platform. Your friend who refers you will earn 10% profit on whatever you successfully earn every month. And once you become a token holder of MetaFD, this will allow you to refer your friends and earn 10% profit on whatever your referral successfully earns as well. 

The Story Of MetaFD

In 2015, eight individuals decided to come together to analyze cryptocurrency projects, an asset class that was not known to many back then. 

Little did they know that this focus group has turned ordinary folks into multi-millionaires and changed their lives forever. Their friends and families started asking for help and they started empowering friends and families with the right knowledge to invest in the right cryptocurrency projects to create sustainable wealth. 

When DeFi started, the focus group started introducing crypto staking to their friends and families. However, due to the difficulty to analyze different DeFi projects, monitor staking performance, and troublesome process to stake on their own, most of them couldn’t do it. This gave them an idea to launch a Staking-As-A-Service (STaaS) platform. Purely through word of mouth, they managed to raise $1.6 million. 

What started as a think tank of eight ordinary people coming together to achieve extraordinary results is now set to empower ordinary folks to create generational wealth. 

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