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— vEmpire DDAO (, a project dedicated to restoring fairness to the Metaverse, today announced that it has become an exclusive sponsor of an innovative blockchain project and top 250 ranked token, “Tenset.” Tenset describe themselves as the world's first blockchain-based project that combines dividend shares with the best cryptocurrency projects. With the sponsorship, Tenset will provide vEmpire with marketing support and a great network of users and investors to help grow and expand vEmpire’s influence and reach throughout the industry.“Being a diamond sponsor is a great honor as it’s Tenset’s top sponsorship level and effectively provides their “stamp-of-approval” as a top-tier cryptocurrency project. It is also the top sponsorship level of their Infinity platform, which is a launchpad that incubates some of the industry’s most promising projects,” said Dom Ryder, Founder of vEmpire. “We hope that this will enhance vEmpire’s reputation and influence throughout the industry and we can’t wait to continue building the future of Web3 and decentralized technologies with a project as influential and innovative as Tenset.”Tenset is very peculiar with projects they allow to become diamond sponsors, to ensure their investor base can easily distinguish the good projects from the great. With this partnership, Tenset will ensure vEmpire receives exclusive marketing and networking support from Tenset to enhance vEmpire’s reputation as the largest and best-decentralized Metaverse and GameFi investment organization.This will help with vEmpire’s mission of lowering the barrier to entry in GameFi and Metaversal protocols.About vEmpire:vEmpire is focused on achieving true decentralization and holding DAOs accountable. Our official platform incorporates different staking strategies to incentivize Metaversal token staking to speed up the battle against centralization in the Crypto verse. Our protocol rewards MANA, SAND, AXS, STARL, and ETH stakers with our native token VEMP, alongside rewards in the token that they staked. vEmpire allows crypto enthusiasts to earn financial rewards on their holdings while also helping contribute to ensuring the important crypto projects can realize their true potential instead of being used as cash cows by centralized entities. Telegram II Twitter II Facebook II MediumMedia Contact:vEmpire DDAO Ltd,

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