Over the last few years, Blockchain use cases have evolved in the supply chain industry. One of the key areas of focus is traceability of consumer food. An agri-tech data company, HerdX has worked alongside industry giants like UPS, and continues to advance food safety during a time when the global pandemic has altered food supply infrastructures. 

FDA Focusing On The Future 

Prior to COVID-19, it was already difficult for a consumer to track the origin of the food they consumed. According to HerdX, 69% of consumers believe it is important to understand how their food is produced. In addition, 61% of retail shoppers are willing to pay a premium for products that disclose additional information. Fast forwarding to COVID-19 in 2020, a global pandemic has applied new pressures and restrictions on the restaurant industry to mitigate interactions. With this being said, the pandemic has arguably created even less transparency in the food industry.

The FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) understands this, and is starting to take initiative. In a recent press release by HerdX, the agri-tech company explained the FDA’s progression into the future of food safety called “New Era of Smarter Food Safety.” The FDA understands the challenges created by COVID-19, and has outlined the strategies they plan to take over the next decade. In addition to blockchain technology, the FDA plans to leverage artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and sensor technologies.

How HerdX Does It 

HerdX runs on Blockchain technology that produces end-to-end solutions starting with the farmer, and ending with the customer. Back in June, it was reported that HerdX was working alongside UPS to track and verify beef shipments. Most recently, HerdX partnered with UPS again, in addition to Fogo de Cháo, to display how blockchain technology could be applied in a restaurant “to go” setting. The global pandemic continues to limit restaurant dining and has fueled takeout operations. With reduced interactions, HerdX is showing the world how consumers can still receive transparency on their food origins in a take out environment.

Curbside meals were picked up by Washington DC locals who had access to QR codes on the to-go bags. With the use of a smartphone, these locals could scan the QR code and see the whole roadmap behind their picaña steak dinner. The Blockchain is reconnecting the supply chain with customers, and re establishing transparency and trust. Within seconds, locals were able to see that steaks journey such as livestock management practices and nutritional contents.

Chief Business Development officer at HerdX, Lauren Jones commented that:

“My children will have the ability to know where their food comes from, and how it was raised. Their everyday life will consist of making buying choices based off of the knowledge given to them by actual verified data, not just shiny marketing claims and polished sales pitches. My children will know blockchain tracking as a norm in the food industry.”

More On HerdX 

The agri-tech and data company applies blockchain to create the first end-to-end protocol that starts at a farmer and ends with the customers. On the retail side, the company’s “Taste of Trust” platform provides mobile web solutions to finally enhance transparency in the food industry. After scanning a QR code on food packaging, consumers can learn about the origin of their food, from nutritional facts to livestock management. More information on the company’s solutions can be found on their website.

Image Source: HerdX

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