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According to news reports, Oracle, a globally established technological giant and the World Bee Project are coming up with a blockchain-based sustainability assurance system for honey on the supply chain. The honey-tracing blockchain will purportedly be developed on the Oracle Blockchain Platform. According to the news reports, the partnership between oracle and World bee Project seeks to promote a “BeeMark” tag, which is a proposed assurance that so-tagged honey will come from organic and maintainable origins.

How is Honey Harvested

In line with Oracle’s elucidation showpiece at the London Blockchain Summit 2019, dubbed “The Connected Hive and The Future of Farming,” the tech giant has set sights on helping the World Bee Project launch an eco-label and “BeeMark” to guarantee that honey and other pollinated produce are gotten from ecologically sustainable sources. According to a report backed by appropriate research, more than 75% of honey retailed in stores is impure and mixed with additives which include: polished sugar, corn syrup, and even salt.  Subsequently, this presents not only a problem for consumers but also a financial weight for accountable beekeepers.

Environmental Issues

On top of blockchain technology, BeeMark also intends to employ the use data science in keeping an eye on environmental issues relating to the bees’ surroundings. The tech firm also plans to set up monitoring systems inside beehives worldwide, in order to track bee behavior and health. Oracle, it appears, has worked with World Bee Project previously to build a blockchain-based solution that endorses honey as genuine. In accordance with the report, this solution follows data uploaded to the Oracle Blockchain Platform in order to notify on modifications to honey along the supply chain.

Blockchain in Supply Chain Logistics

Both parties involved in the partnership plan to use blockchain technology to pick up, store, and share any information across the supply chain by making available an incontrovertible record of all data and transactions that could authenticate the particular source of honey products at the point of sale. In order to establish the authenticity of this solution, an authentication procedure was developed that includes getting hold of, and saving a pollen ‘signature’ from the hive’s nearby plants on the blockchain. Honey will not be qualified as a single source or unadulterated if other pollen signatures are present in it.

Additionally, the application of blockchain technology authenticates the source of honey at the location of sale, therefore, enabling bee farmers to trade their products at a higher price, allot more time and resources on hives, and to motivate them to better care for their bees. Clients, on the other hand, are also assured that the honey products they are buying are unadulterated. Oracle and the World Bee Project will also employ the use of cloud technology and internet of things (IoT) technology to increase understanding of the health and behaviour of bees and determine the serious threats they are facing.

Interestingly, Walmart China of late, revealed a partnership with VeChain to track produce via the veChain’s Thor blockchain. Nestlé has also partnered with blockchain-based system OpenSC to create a distributed record system that will trace milk from farms and producers in New Zealand to its factories and warehouses.

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