The Epios project by Telos is designed to make it possible to conduct anonymous COVID19 testing. It will also include a mobile app for better research, access, and health outcomes using the blockchain. The Telos platform is currently one of the most active blockchain-based platforms in the world.

About the Epios Project

The Telos Foundation recently announced the launch of the Epios Project, which will revolutionize the way individuals deal with Coronavirus. Its flagship product is a mobile application designed to connect people looking for anonymous COVID19 testing with providers who can supply test kits in compliance with the law. By processing COVID19 tests via Telos chain, the link between a person’s identity and their result is eliminated. The Epios mobile app will launch on the Google Play Store and Apple Store on July 18, 2020.

The Epios project is based around a patent-pending method to anonymously record information within a system that requires users to reveal personal information. Epios ensures that users do not make payments directly to the processing lab. Instead, they use a coupon that is cryptographically projected that is offered with each test kit. Since every coupon comes with cryptographic hash values that are unchangeable, the labs can verity a payment has gone through without tracing payments to a single user.

Privacy through the Blockchain

According to Suvi Rinkinen, the Telos Foundation CEO, the Epios Project is a good example of how the blockchain can be used to provide privacy in the management of public health data. He added that it showed how Telos was empowering people from different fields to work together for a common goal. The CEO said that they were looking to work with more partners to grow Epios and improve testing and outcomes globally.

Why Privacy is Important in Disease Testing

There are numerous reasons why anonymous testing is important. For some people, they fear that if their results are known, they could be harassed by government officials. Some also fear that employers and their insurers might treat them unfairly if they are positive.

By making COVID19 testing anonymous, people are more likely to take the test and take better precautions if they find out they are positive. According to Douglas Horn, the Epios Project Lead, providing anonymous results to research with geographical granularity will help the medical world and policymakers make better decisions about COVID19 and similar illnesses in the future.

The goal of the Epios Project is to create a network of managers at the project, regional, and at the country level. These managers will be in charge of giving permissioned access to third parties to record and access blockchain-based data. To make their goal a reality, they plan to work with government agencies, NGOs, and others to grow Epios into a global network.

Groups Receiving Stigma 

In a recent report by the CDC, COVID19 has led to discrimination around the globe. They warn the general public that some people that may experience discrimination during COVID19 include:

  • Racial and ethnic minority groups
  • People who originally tested positive and had to quarantine
  • Emergency responders and healthcare workers
  • Frontline employees such as grocery, and delivery workers
  • Individuals with underlying conditions

For these reasons, an anonymous approach facilitated through blockchain can help people maintain their privacy.

The Telos Blockchain

The Telos blockchain is a third-generation platform that is designed to power fast and scalable applications. It was launched in 2018 and its focus is on purpose-driven organizations, companies, and projects. By focusing on projects that have a huge social impact, Telos wants to bring the benefits of the blockchain to the masses.

Image Source: Telos Foundation 

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