xHunter Brings A Gamified Approach To The Crypto Sector

The cryptocurrency space has evolved over the years, paving the way for more people to join the wagon. For a very long time, the cryptocurrency business involved buying the coins, holding them, then selling them when the prices rise. However, this approach benefits the first buyers as they get higher returns at the expense of common investors who join in at later dates.  

However, crypto enthusiasts have designed innovative ways to make the blockchain experience exciting for everyone. One of such innovations is xHunter, which presents a gamified approach to cryptocurrency, enabling participants to earn from participating in different events.

What is xHunter?

The xHunter is a cryptocurrency project that combines outdoor tournaments and blockchain technology. In essence, all xHunter token holders will have a chance to participate in various games, tournaments, and competitions happening worldwide.

They’ll also participate in the NFT ecosystem, which includes an NFT gaming platform with NFT rewards for the winners. Generally, the main focus for the xHunter token is on gaming and tournaments (online and offline), major prize pools, NFTs, and buybacks.

In effect, xHunter’s approach leads to the adoption of blockchain products by the majority of the people who have internet access and suitable gadgets.  With its reliable, accountable, and transparent approach, xHunter prevents scams and rug-pulls that are rampant in the blockchain industry.

How Does It Work?

Cryptocurrency has been misunderstood globally, and that’s why many people choose to stay away from it. Also, the space has been hijacked by thugs whose intention is to scam innocent, unsuspecting crypto enthusiasts.

In contrast, xHunter is keen to provide a safe space for individuals to grow their crypto portfolio and, at the same time, enable them to enjoy taking part in exciting outdoor activities. The goal is to promote cryptocurrency positively to reduce the perception that cryptocurrencies and other digital assets are unsafe to invest in. 

It is important to note that xHunter holders will be eligible to participate in all events, and some earn rewards. The xHunter’s tokenomics ensures that the project is self-sustainable as investors don’t lose their investments. This is because multiple events will create several income streams which enable sustainability.

The xHunter Roadmap

xHunter will launch its platform and project on September 5th, 2021, with a starting market cap of $1.5M. So far, a lot of progress has been made in preparation for the big launch. Not only has the community grown to over 10,000 members, but it also raised approximately $400,000 in a recent private sale.

In anticipation of the launch, the xHunter team has scheduled a public pre-sale on September 3rd, 2021, with a target of raising $350,000. Significantly, the rapid growth of the community is an indication of a promising future for the xHunter.

The road map indicates a clear plan that will ensure the xHunter token remains on an upward trend. Some of the milestones include:

Growing the community

So far, the xHunter Telegram community group has over 10,000 members actively engaging in the project discussions and pre-launch activities like pre-sales. This shows their anticipation of the official launch of the xHunter and their readiness to grow the project.

In addition, the xHunter team aims at growing the community to over 20,000 members before the end of Q3, 2021. Even though not everyone will actively participate in the project, a bigger community increases the chance of more people participating.

Huge no-loss lotteries

Traditional lotteries are bad for investors that are essentially gambling money. To eliminate risk, $XHT token holders are automatically enrolled in xHunter’s no-loss lotteries. By simply holding the $XHT token, you’re eligible for large prize pools. Winners also get to use half their proceeds to participate in whale buybacks to acquire even more $XHT tokens. 


Airdrops are an effective way to introduce the token to the people.  Thus, the partakers of the airdrops end up becoming the most beneficiaries of the project. As a result, they will work hard to increase the community and raise the demand for the token.

As per the roadmap, you can expect the first airdrop after the token launch. Since the community is large already, the outcome will be great. Hence crypto lovers need to follow the xHunter announcement channel on Telegram to get the details.

NFT gaming platform

Since the project has a gaming approach, an NFT gaming platform is the right way to go. As expected, xHunter’s gaming app will improve efficiency and accountability as the community continues to grow.

Winners of different outdoor tournaments will get NFT as rewards. This will keep the NFT ecosystem thriving, thereby growing the project.

Plus, the team plans on creating an online merchandise store featuring outdoor gear, as a further extension of the xHunter brand and mission. 

Partnerships with other established crypto projects

The truth is that established brands already know what to do to grow. Therefore, a partnership with some of them will boost the xHunter’s growth aspiration. So far, the project is in partnership with the PancakeSwap (a decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain), which is set to facilitate the xHunter ($XHT) initial public offering.

In the future, the team aims at launching $XHT tokens on a major exchange. This will boost the token’s visibility leading more people to invest in it.

Launch a charity

What will be the use of growing a community that doesn’t uplift the welfare of others? Well, xHunter is planning to launch its own charity program that will help the needy in its community. Since the project extends to the physical world, you can expect them to extend help to people in their physical locations.

Final Thoughts

The crypto market (including NFTs and gaming) has been on a bullish trend for several months now. While others feel like it’s time to withdraw from cryptocurrency, we feel it’s time to invest more in it. The bullish sentiment only means there’s a lot of potential for the xHunter token since it is connected to the real world.

Since the xHunter is about to launch, it would be beneficial to follow their communities and remain updated on the progress. You’ll also have a chance to participate in the pre-launch activities and win big rewards.

Also, you can check out their website and get more information about the project. They have also posted several videos explaining the xHunter project on their telegram community group. You can check them at any time.

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