WISeKey and a group of international experts plan to hold the deployment of COVID19 digital health passports on the blockchain. The discussions will center on how travel and health organizations can work with the government to deploy the WIShelter Covid-19 Trusted Digital Health Passport.

Details of the Virtual Meeting

According to an announcement by WISeKey, the virtual meeting will involve experts from organizations such as the Blockchain Research Institute, World Tourism Organization, IATA, MIT, and others. The date for the virtual meeting is July 23, 2020, at 3 PM CET. Those who wish to participate should register here.

A Blockchain Solution for COVID19

The COVID19 pandemic has affected all corners of the world. Thus far, no one is sure how long it will continue affecting the global economy. If the situation does not change soon, some experts have expressed fears that the pandemic could wipe out all the gains made in the 4th Industrial Revolution. In many countries, it has led to the increased adoption of digital technologies to ensure that future productivity can be guaranteed.

WISeKey organized the upcoming virtual meeting in collaboration with the Trust Protocol Association. Trust Protocol Association has the goal of establishing a new Trust Protocol for the internet. The goal is the creation of a Global Trust Platform that incorporates Cryptographic Trust Models with the blockchain. They aim to come up with an ecosystem that contains technology, government, and business partners. In this ecosystem, each partner represents a node. There is the possibility of a single country having multiple nodes in this ecosystem.

The Blockchain Power Health Passport

During the meeting, discussions will center on various development of applications that will include the WIShelter digital passport. With the passport, it will be possible for local governments to allow healthy people to go back to work, which will help lessen the economic blow of COVID19. At the same time, the passport will protect high-risk people by controlling the spread of the virus.

For almost 20 years, WISeKey has worked on the design and implementation of global standards for the decentralized, P2P exchange of data about people, organizations, or things. Powered by the blockchain and certified by cryptographic Root of Trust, the WISeKey solutions can be used at the individual and organizational levels.

Their app now contains the WISeID Health Card that contains important details such as allergies, blood types, and other medical issues. It can be enriched with digital health certificates such as an official COVID19 test. All of a user’s health data will be encrypted and linked to their identity, which is represented by a Digital Certificate. Encryption is crucial to the protection of private user information.

With their digital identity secured via WISeKey, users will be able to prove to authorities they are complying with stay-at-home recommendations. At the same time, encryption will ensure that private user details are not revealed without consent.

With the COVID19 pandemic still spreading globally, ensuring that people are not contributing to its spread is crucial. However, protecting user data is also important to many people in todays society. The WISeKey solution helps to find the perfect balance between privacy protection and the safety of the public.

Image Source: Pixabay 

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