When starting an ICO, a question might arise: Where do I post about it to get the maximum exposure? Luckily, there are quite a few ways that can give you significant results such as ICO listing calendars, seo ads, airdrops, bounties etc. Of all those, the best places to find investors are certainly ICO listing calendars and today we would like to talk about them.

There are multiple platforms that provide this service. Websites like these are relatively simple, easy to use, affordable, and don’t require much detail about your ICO, other than basics like token details and contact information. Usually such sites collect ICO/IDO information and put it in one list with many others. Your project won’t have a well written description or any other features that make it stand out but your logo and your name. A user, who is willing to invest their money could simply scroll past your project and remain unaware of how brilliant your smart contracts or utilities are… It might just get lost among hundreds of other projects that are trying to get users’ attention just like you are. What if there was a platform, where you could easily interact with your potential customers, get instant feedback or track your stats in a dedicated dashboard? Guess now we have a such service that unites all those features in one place – www.hodlers.pro

So how does Hodlers.pro work and how is it different? it looks more like a forum with different threads, rather than a simple calendar. Yon can switch between NFTs / airdrops / ICOs using a field on the left. That same field is used to sort projects depending on their release date whether it is today, tomorrow or next month. Filling out a simple form on their website is the only thing required to get featured. If the project has potential, admins will get back to you asap. We tried to post information about an NFT collection that we found on Twitter and they posted it in around 30 minutes. It isn’t just their website, where they post, but also Twitter, Discord, Reddit and several other crypto forums. There are no subscriptions nor do you need to pay anything. As we understand, they moderate all the requests and post the best projects only. When you are posted, you will be able to customize your page, track the actions, interest and involvement of your target audience, while also answering any questions that might appear in the thread. 

Their roadmap states that they are planning to release their own utility NFT collection soon. After it’s sold out, their own $HODL token, ads, ranks and paid comments are coming to the site. That is where hodlers.pro is very different and we would like to elaborate on this.
Let’s start with the ads. A project will be able to run ads on their site to increase exposure. As we understand, a banner will be displayed at some place on the website. The site will also include a feedback widget, a fully customizable launch page, and the ability to mint your own tokens. The effectiveness of your ads could be easily tracked in your own dashboard as well as in the widget. The ads are paid with the $HODL token, based on Fantom blockchain.

Users will also receive rewards from the platform for making insightful and useful comments. As we understand, there will be moderators that will check your comments’ usefulness. The website will also get a ranking system that will benefit the most active users by raising their $HODL payment rates. The blockchain will be used to store all data related to ranks, community member experience, as well as the website’s voting processes that will be available to the NFT holders.

Hodlers.pro will also be available as an application in the Apple Store and Google Play for both parties for a more convenient usability, including communication, voting, investing, and receiving urgent notifications. This will add a significant amount of daily users to the site, thus bringing you more potential customers.

Considering all that, www.hodlers.pro is definitely in the top ten platforms that your project should invest time in, because everyone stays profitable on it, creating a perfect cash loop. This platform is a completely new approach at how people search for new projects that will greatly help investors and creators. With their NFT collection and many features that are coming soon, Hodlers.pro is undoubtedly a product that can raise the standard at creating hype right from the start. Certainly recommend it! 

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