What is GEM-TRX? Introducing Cloud Mining in 2022

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Crypto mining firms have recently come under the spotlight due to the increasing demand for digital currencies. 

However, despite the huge returns that investors associate with mining crypto, the barriers to entry are high due to high expenditure when purchasing mining rigs, and the computing resources required are also extraneous. The only reason these high barriers to entry exist is to make any fraud occurrences unprofitable. Therefore, a miner will only reap the rewards if they can solve a complex algorithm. 

In the early days of Bitcoin, individuals could mine crypto easily using their personal computers or low computational resources. Today miners require significant computation power and intensive capital investment besides betting on positive fluctuations if the price of a cryptocurrency changes over time. 

Cloud Mining Vs. Traditional Mining

Three variables determine the profit a miner could make, and these include hardware costs, the cost of electricity, and the price of a given asset at that time. 

Negotiating through these factors and managing to make a profit is the sole goal of any miner. However, from the look of things from a traditional miner’s perspective, difficult growth occurs when the number of miners increases. Cloud mining is the ultimate solution for present-day digital asset miners. Here is why: 

Cloud mining reduces barriers to entry, unlike traditional mining, where you require intensive capital for energy and computation equipment. Cloud mining only demands a subscription fee to a given cloud mining service. A perfect example of such a service is the GEM-TRX  – a platform built on top of the Tron network and specializes in the provision of cloud mining services. 

GEM-TRX is a platform launched on the TRON network and offers cloud mining services. Users can make passive income by mining the TRON cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional crypto mining, cloud mining eliminates the technical difficulties users face when setting up their mining farms. In addition, setting up a mining farm is more expensive and less profitable. Through GEM-TRX cloud mining, users can sign up and start earning rewards instantly. 

Analytics Insight

GEM-TRX was established in San Francisco, CA, USA, in 2018 and currently has dozens of self-built mines and cooperative mines worldwide. Our company has been operating since 2018, and we have over 900k+ members worldwide. 

GEM-TRX features an affiliate program for users that will reward them with extra rewards. You can invite users by sending your invitation code by clicking the “Share” button on the platform, copy-pasting the link, and sharing it via social media.

If users invite friends who deposit funds to their accounts, they will receive rebates. Below is the complete breakdown of the various levels and rebates users can accumulate:


Invite Rebate:

You invite level 1 users, and if they complete registration, you’ll get 30TRX.

Level 1 user invites level 2 user and completes registration; you’ll get 20TRX.

Level 2 user invites level 3 user and completes registration; you’ll get 10TRX.

Deposit Rebate:

Based on your down-line deposit amount per time.

Level 1 user deposit 1000TRX, you’ll get 120TRX (12%)

Level 2 user deposit 1000TRX, you’ll get 20TRX (2%)

Level 3 user deposit 1000TRX, you’ll get 10TRX (1%)

Trading Rebate:

Based on your down-line mining income per time.

Level 1 user mines 1000TRX and gets 50TRX; you’ll get 5TRX(10%)

Level 2 user mines 1000TRX and gets 50TRX, you’ll get 2.5TRX(5%)

Level 3 user mines 1000TRX and gets 50TRX, you’ll get 1.5TRX(3%)

Why Could GEM-TRX Be A good investment In 2022?

GEM-TRX seems to be an easy and super-efficient way of earning Tron(TRX) from cloud mining. All you need to do is register on the official site and pick the hash rate of choice. The hash rate will be influenced by the amount of investment you are willing to put in.

In a matter of time, you will gain access to the platform and begin mining as soon as possible. Besides, the GEM-TRX service is built on top of one of the world’s most robust blockchains, the Tron Network. Hence, the platform features a basic crypto wallet for storing your earnings; you also don’t have to invest in equipment to mine. 

Finally, the platform ensures your data is in safe hands due to a quality data center. Remember that the platform is also run by a team of computing and business experts, beginning with the CEO Tim Johnson and Jackson Barth, the product manager. Are you on the lookout for a crypto cloud mining service that is easy to use and features a rewarding affiliate program? GEM-TRX should be the next platform to check out! 

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