In a world where crypto-blockchain trends are emerging, it’s very crucial for every crypto enthusiasts, investors and trader to be updated with the current events around the crypto industry. Also, it is quite difficult to get a variety of crypto news from one platform. This is why the average user will visit multiple media outlets daily in order to catch interesting topics… TokenTalk emerged.

What is TokenTalk? 

Founded by Dean Fankhauser and Serdar Senay, TokenTalk is one of the leading crypto news aggregator platforms that seek to bring the balanced and most accurate news to the world.

The platform becomes a top crypto news aggregator as it allows anyone to create crypto-related content – importantly, TokenTalk captures quick crypto updates from the leading crypto-news portals and presents it to the crypto community in no time. Moreover, the platform intends to go beyond just crypto price update, it seeks to provide “a full and balanced spectrum of financial, economic and political news” concerning the crypto industry.

Why TokenTalk?

Tokentalk enables a new user to create an account to explore the exciting features that the platform provides beyond news and price updates. As soon as the user creates an account using Facebook, he/she can visit his dashboard to create and claim their new profile. After logging into your account, one of the coolest features is “TokenTalkTV” which allows you to keep up with market technicals and fundamentals.