Recently Visionary Finance has the opportunity to speak with Ben Perrin from Youtube channel (BTC Sessions). BTC sessions is an extremely successful Youtube channel that provides educational content for Bitcoin enthusiasts around the globe. We covered many topics with Ben. You can see the whole conversation below!

Q: Ben tell us about your Youtube channel BTC Sessions. What is the ultimate goal?

A: BTC sessions has grown tremendously since inception. We currently have 28,000+ subscribers and 2M+ total views. The ultimate goal is to provide educational information in order to get people comfortable with Bitcoin. Ben agreed with Visionary Finance that very few people still truly understand how to purchase and store Bitcoin. The goal of BTC sessions is to take out this mystery and help people understand mechanisms of purchasing and securing Bitcoin. Along with purchasing and storing, BTC session strives to educate on other components of Bitcoin and help people fully understand the most transparent monetary system we have ever seen.

Q: Ben tell us a bit about yourself, how did you get into the Bitcoin space all together?

A: 2013 was the year Ben started nibbling with Bitcoin. He started researching it when it was worth $13 . He then saw it accelerate quickly to $100 levels. At this time his first thought was “possible scam?” He was buying little bits here and there and figuring out how to store and transact. After spending a lot of time researching and learning about Bitcoin, he said he formed an obsession. This obsession was stemmed from the fact Bitcoin was completely different than anything ever seen before from a finance/economic viewpoint. His background was in content creation and performance which led to BTC sessions. As he continued learning more about this space, he started creating one new video a week on BTC sessions. He said the channel took of quicker than he ever imagined.

Q: From your content it seems as if your a Bitcoin Maximalist. If so, why do you take this stance?

A: You are right , I’m definitely a Bitcoin Maximalist. The reason for this is I simply see it very difficult to replace Bitcoin. If it was replaced it would undermine the whole idea. Who wants to own money that can be replaced? Visionary Finance thought Ben brought up a great point here. Bitcoin has the first mover advantage in being “peer to peer electronic cash.” If something can easily replace Bitcoin, it undermines the whole idea of a potential new “World reserve currency.” Ben then further stated we still do not know the creator of Bitcoin which he sees as a huge bonus. Unlike many other projects, there’s nobody to point fingers at with Bitcoin to change code. Ben believes all other projects piggy back off Bitcoin by stating they can do something better such as “transaction speed and costs”. Ben stated the base layer protocol on Bitcoin is near completion and BTC will continue to scale off base layer protocol to continue being sound money leading to a single solution.

Q: With being a Bitcoin Maximalist, do you see any potential with other Blockchain projects?

A: As of right now Ben sees too much hype in the “Blockchain” space. When people talk about the potential of Blockchain in industries like supply chain, Ben simply stated he thinks its a load of crap. He thinks much of this hype is formulated to benefit projects in the blockchain space. He stated people tend to forget the original reason Bitcoin came into existence and lives under the motto “Bitcoin and no Blockchain.” He did think there will be opportunity for Blockchain in the “tokenized security” space. Ben believes there will be a push for this but ultimately be affected by regulators. He found it fascinating to be in an environment where people could hold securities in their own wallets and trade peer to peer. At the end of the day though he sees it as more of a “buzz word” as he finds it extremely difficult for entities like the SEC to allow this movement.

Q: Do you see any major Bitcoin catalysts in 2019?

A: Ben stated he expects 2019 to be a slow year with an overall upward trend. He did mention a possible scenario where you see a new round of Market FOMO in 2021 with a strong rally. The reason has to do with “halving.” Ben talked about how the issuance of BTC gets cut every 4 years and is due to cut supply next year (2020). Historically prices have rose drastically the year after “halving”. In terms of volatility, Ben continues to expect volatility until BTC is worth much larger prices and more common in society.

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It was great speaking to Ben Perrin from BTC Sessions. Everybody should check out Ben on social media for additional BTC education. His Youtube channel and other social media profiles are listed above! Please remember nothing from this interview is meant to be investment advice to purchase cryptocurrency. Always do your own due diligence before making financial decisions.