Crypto media outlet Visionary Financial plans to launch a first to market non-custodial, and decentralized  investment platform that will finally let investors diversify in one place. The protocol, “VF Invest” plans to revolutionize user experience, giving users the ability to diversify in individual cryptocurrencies and sector portfolios in seconds, while having complete control over their assets. 

Chicago, IL, USA: Visionary Financial, a crypto media company that caters to 20,000+ daily and works with some of the largest companies in the industry, plans to introduce an investment arm called “VF Invest.” VF Invest will be a one-stop investment application that finally makes it easy to diversify in crypto markets. Unlike traditional platforms, users will have the ability to diversify in sector portfolios that focus on areas such as DeFi, gaming, infrastructure, payments, and others. In addition, users will be able to on-board 100+ individual digital assets. With many inefficiencies existing on current investment platforms, VF plans to make crypto investing seamless whether you are a beginner or experienced investor.

Non-Custodial And Decentralized 

VF Invest plans to operate in a non-custodial and decentralized manner, meaning the user maintains full control. In today’s environment, it is popular to keep crypto investments on an exchange. The problem there is that investors run the risk of losing their assets from hacks and other illicit activities. In addition, keeping assets on an exchange means the user is giving a central party full control. Non-custodial and decentralized framework ensures added safety by keeping assets off exchanges, and maintaining full control over public and private keys.

Founder of Visionary Financial, Jeff Guzzi stated that

“Coming from traditional finance, we have always planned to launch an investment arm, but we were focusing on building a brand through our media division first. Users are still looking for a seamless way to fully diversify in crypto. Investors, especially newcomers, still lack direction. I have friends on a weekly basis, some of which (CFA/CPA’s) who don’t even know where to start. Unfortunately in a developer-heavy environment, UX has been a core issue. User experience behind VF Invest is going to fix the core inefficiencies, while offering a completely differentiated experience. For the first time ever, users can stop worrying about accounts on multiple exchanges, and diversify in seconds, while maintaining full control over their assets.” 

Sector Portfolios 

Aside from individual cryptocurrencies, users can become fully diversified by engaging in sector portfolios that track popular sectors and trends. Whether someone is interested in DeFi, payments, supply chain, gaming, or many others, sector portfolios offer a diversified mix in seconds. Investors are always searching for the next project that will create a market impact. Instead of browsing through 3,000+ individual cryptocurrencies, investors can choose sectors that are being powered by various digital assets.

Blockchain Based Languages & Routing 

By leveraging various blockchain based languages, algorithms, and built in exchange aggregators, VF Invest will make diversifying in crypto cheap, seamless, and extremely strategic.

Fixing Industry Inefficiencies

The average crypto investor has 3-5 accounts on various exchanges which is inefficient and exposes them to additional risk. In addition, many “one-stop” investment protocols today still require users to have accounts on various exchanges. This is like telling someone they need 5 different brokerage accounts to invest in stocks… By taking a non-custodial approach, users can have access to digital assets from various exchanges, while monitoring a diversified mix under one roof.

Co-founder of Visionary Financial, Anthony Solano stated that:

“This year we have already seen various altcoins and sectors soaring as use cases and developments ramp up. With a market that is valued at $270B, the percentage of the world that invests is still extremely low. Outside of investing in the core digital assets, the market still lacks a platform that allows for investing in popular sectors. Instead, investors continue to “diversify” by navigating various exchanges which is extremely inefficient and ultimately slows down mass adoption.” 

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