Utopia P2P announced on September 11, 2020, that they had released the anticipated Crypton (CRP) tokens on crypto exchanges. According to Utopia P2P, the CRP tokens have already been released on the zg.com and latoken.com crypto exchanges. 

CRP Tokens – A Promising Project

The CRP tokens are the native tokens of the Utopia P2P network, which is a project focused on data privacy online. Creators of the network have opted to remain anonymous. According to the announcement, the CRP tokens are an opportunity for those who missed getting into Bitcoin on the ground floor. The tokens are currently available for sale. 

With CRP, users are guaranteed privacy when making financial transactions. A unique aspect of the CRP tokens is that it is based on a blend of blockchain technology and proprietary protocols. The Crypton project gives users the ability to transfer and store data securely while preserving anonymity and privacy.

Various tools are being developed for the ecosystem and they include:

  • uMessenger

An instant messaging platform where communication is encrypted and decentralized

  • uMail

Secure and protected file sharing protocol

  • Idyll Browser

An anonymous browser that hides traffic based on a unique security protocol

  • uWallet

A secure e-wallet based on the blockchain that facilitates secure financial transactions

  • uNS

Unique domain name system that is a secure alternative to the DNS system

  • Mining bot

A unique bot that runs on the proof of memory technology, providing users with a quick method of earning CRP tokens

Users of Utopia will gain access to all the internet tools they need for the modern world in a single ecosystem. Crypton is closely modeled after Bitcoin. For instance, there is no ICO for the CRP tokens and both use decentralization to protect data.

Another similarity between CRP and BTC is that the creators of the two projects are anonymous. To date, nobody knows the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. The reason they hid their identity is to avoid pressure from centralized bodies and other third parties.

One way in which CRP is secured is that it will not display transaction data. The tokens are built to ensure anonymity during transactions. There is no third party, which can access data about the identity of a user of CRP tokens.

To date, Utopia has only been accessible via desktop devices. However, developers of the project have announced the release of the mobile version of Utopia. With that, it will make Utopia widely accessible, which will help to grow the utility of CRP tokens.

Online Privacy 

Online privacy is an issue of growing concern around the world. The Utopia ecosystem wants to ensure that every transaction and interaction online will remain anonymous. However, it is worth noting that it will not be easy. A major issue with any blockchain project is scalability, and it is not clear how CRP plans to deal with the issue.

Their approach to the existing issues around security and privacy is unique. However, only time will tell if their project will be a success.

Image Source: YouTube Snapshot 

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