Regarding the supply chain industry, UPS has continued to express interest in Blockchain technology over the last few years. In recent developments, UPS has successfully tracked beef shipments on the blockchain. UPS worked alongside an agri-tech data company to track the shipment in Texas.

Blockchain Use Cases – Food Verification 

In recent news, UPS has worked alongside HerdX to track and verify beef shipments in Texas. The shipment of food was initiated at “Dean and Peeler Premium Beef” in South Texas, and concluded in Boerne ( Texas ), which is about an hour shipment.

Jeff McCorstin – UPS President of Global Customs Brokerage stated that:

“Seeing the integration of the domestic UPS shipment with HerdX’s blockchain technology in action, here in a local Texas restaurant, puts in perspective the need for this solution in supply chains across the globe. With sustainability and food safety as important differentiators, this is the future companies will choose in their supply chains.”

How HerdX Works

HerdX has produced end-to-end solutions that start with the farmer and end with the customer. Starting with the farmer, “HerdView” provides tags and readers for livestock management. This data is recorded so that farmers can track movement and other activities through an app. HerdView creates transparency by documenting where and when information was collected.

Moving to retail, customers have the ability to learn the story behind their food. In this day of age, many people feel as if they are “disconnected” from their food in terms of origin and food safety. HerdX offers solutions such as “Taste of Trust,” which provides mobile web solutions to enhance transparency. “Taste of Trust” displays the foods journey, nutritional info, and livestock management. By scanning QR codes, customers can finally learn about the food’s origin. When somebody goes to a grocery store today, how do they know that the food they are buying is truly organic? The lack of transparency makes many consumers wonder about these questions. With solutions like HerdX, customers can finally use blockchain technology to verify health and important data regarding the food they are consuming.

UPS Blockchain Interest 

For a few years now, it seems like UPS has continued to express interest in applying blockchain to supply chain logistics. In terms of transparency, supply chain is one of the industries that is expected to benefit the most from Blockchain. According to a report by Deloitte, some of the potential benefits include:

  • Increased traceability to elevate corporate standards
  • Reduced losses from illicit activities 
  • Reduced costs ( administrative / paperwork ) 
  • Improved credibility  
  • Improved visibility and compliance 

In recent years, UPS has taken action by applying for Blockchain patents. In 2018, it was reported that UPS filed for a Blockchain patent regarding “package tracking.” The patent filing outlines the ultimate goal of UPS tracking where packages are sent, movements, and transportation methods. With UPS recently working with HerdX, it seems like the supply chain giant is still deeply involved in blockchain infrastructure.

Even before the patent filing in 2018, UPS was covering the benefits to blockchain within pharma supply chains. In a 2017 UPS blog post, the company talked about the benefits to blockchain such as its “unchangeable” record keeping system being driven by decentralization. UPS outlined the fact that Blockchain could become beneficial in health care, specifically in “track and trace” requirements for the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.

What This Tells Us 

With the recent work facilitated by UPS and HerdX, this should be extremely positive for future Blockchain use cases. Creating transparency in food safety can only build additional trust moving forward. By carrying out events such as successful food shipments, it further solidifies the potential behind Blockchain technology, and allows us to open our eyes to other verticals as well.

Image Source: Pixabay 

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