BonfireDAO is successfully disrupting the rich-get-richer paradigm of the traditional real estate market by fractionalizing income-producing assets and making this investment opportunity accessible to a more diverse income class. After selling out their MVP (Minimum Viable Product), a $310,000 single-family rental (in a mere 15 days), this bonfire is officially LIT and ready to help 1B millennials and property virgins acquire generational wealth on their own terms as part of a global community.

Joshua Kagan and Vai Gupta co-founded the revolutionary fractionalized real estate investment protocol to support a generation that has, according to them, been left out in the cold. BonfireDAO enables all income classes to buy real-estate tokens at a fraction of the price, become members of a governing DAO established after the property tokens sell out, and generate income from an asset that would otherwise be significantly harder to acquire alone.

With the lightning sellout of their MVP, BonfireDAO is certain that bringing their approach of property tokenization to the crypto ecosystem will stimulate great demand, and fortunately for eager investors, there is a place for everyone around the bonfire.

But what makes BonfireDAO unique and different from similar projects in the space?

Reinventing The Wheel, Or In This Case, Real-Estate Investment

For generations, real estate assets have been a go-to investment opportunity for the financial elite and private equity firms, buying up all the supply, driving up costs, and forcing lower-income classes out of the equation. BonfireDAO effectively upends this conventional model and, for the first time, mobilizes its global community members to be joint owners of what will likely be their first property.

Here are some integral functions that set the BonfireDAO platform apart:

Property Tokenization

Bonfire believes that the time has come for a new era of real estate investment with a blockchain project that is tied to legitimate, real-world assets without the unwanted additions of rug pulls, exaggerated hype, and cringe NFTs.

As pioneers in property fractionalization, the Bonfire team is executing its vision of empowering everyday people to reap the financial rewards that are proven to go hand-in-hand with property investment.

This is significant because tokenizing assets and recording them on an immutable blockchain will bring 24/7/365 liquidity to these types of assets that are increasingly locked up by large institutions and private equity firms, thereby giving a more diverse income class the option to own real estate.

How it works is that properties on the marketplace are sold off in tokens that are more affordable, convenient, and less stressful to buy than following the traditional channels of buying a property on your own. No more massive down payments, trying to qualify for a mortgage, or needing to be an expert in real estate to make it profitable.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) System

Once all the tokens of an asset have been purchased, a DAO LLC is established, containing each community member invested in the particular asset.

This DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization enables everyone with a property token to have a say in managing the property. Their smart-contract software allows community members to vote and share managerial preferences via an automated and seamless system.

A DAO is more decentralized than a traditional LLC, as the approach is fundamentally democratic and flattens the hierarchy by employing self-regulation via formalized community governance enforced on the blockchain. Each member of the DAO has the authority to decide on a myriad of governance decisions regarding the property based on the number of tokens (% of the asset) they own.

This approach to property investment ensures that token holders form a like-minded community and become joint owners with a shared interest in keeping the property at its highest value to derive a maximum income and ROI.


The platform goes above and beyond to ensure maximum convenience for its token holders by sourcing and validating income-producing properties before tokenizing and listing the asset on their marketplace.

Buyers have the guarantee of knowing the investment property has been vetted and inspected by industry professionals, and the team offers assurance to their token holders in these forms:

  • The property title is clean.

  • There are no outstanding taxes on the property.

  • The property passed all inspections.

  • The appraisal has been calculated.

  • A tenant and property manager are already in place.

As a team of real estate experts, BonfireDAO understands the importance of ruling out the risk factor for their investors and delivers a sound and coherent service to ensure they are at ease regardless of their prior real estate knowledge and experience.

Global Community Of Token Holders

A notable benefit for token holders on the BonfireDAO platform is that anyone can own US assets from anywhere in the world. The investment model distributes buying power among a plethora of geographies, income classes, and levels of expertise in real estate.

The platform is inclusive and modern, appealing to Millennials looking to climb the property ladder and existing real estate investors looking to diversify their portfolios. To further convenience their global community of token holders, BonfireDAO makes asset tokens available for purchase through fiat or cryptocurrency, supporting all bank accounts and mainstream crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

BonfireDAO is fundamentally community-centric and is building an international community to accompany the journey to the future of real estate investment.

The BonfireDAO platform differs from similar projects like Unusual Whales which tokenizes houses and mints them as NFTs, whereafter the property is run by a traditional LLC. The major difference is, Bonfire is run by a DAO LLC which is more decentralized than a managed-member LLC, and houses are only tokenized and sold off as tokens, not as NFTs.

A Place For Everyone Around The Bonfire

The founding team envisions Bonfire expanding far beyond the real estate market and facilitating investments into any asset that can be fractionalized and used to generate income.

With an easy-to-use marketplace, a game-changing concept, and a genuine dedication to their current and future community of token holders, BonfireDAO is reshaping the future of how real estate is bought and sold.

BonfireDAO empowers all income classes to accumulate generational wealth.

Interested? Bonfire will soon be dropping its next asset. Get in touch with the team via their website and social media channels.

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