If we come across the word “NFT”, we look back to 2017’s crypto kitties. It was an interesting concept where users breed kitties on the ethereum blockchain. Similar to Crypto Kitties, a lot of other collectibles have appeared on the Ethereum blockchain.

All of a sudden, people have been intrigued by crypto art, collectibles, and games. Collectors and gamers filled their wallets with all sorts of NFT’s. Later in 2018, all NFT projects experienced growing popularity. Some kept their value but many projects failed to stay relevant. As we enter the new year, a project called VeryNifty is looking to turn heads. Let me introduce you to this new crypto collectibles game. 

Introduction to vNFT:

VERY NIFTY (vNFT) is a digital museum where passionate players can keep their art forms vNFTs live by feeding them.

VERYNIFTY (vNFT) is a digital museum where passionate players can keep their art forms vNFTs alive by feeding them. The exciting part is as long as we keep those vNFTs alive in the museum, we get Erc20 Tokens “MUSE” as a reward. Every single token will be mined from the vNFTs only. There are going to be only 1 Million $Muse just like Bitcoin’s 21 Million cap. 

We have to feed our vNFTs with Muse tokens to keep them alive. For every feed we initiate, $Muse will be mined. As per the algorithm, 90% of minted $Muse will get burned and 10% will go to the Devs fund. Once all of the Million tokens are mined and fulfilling the Devs fund, $Muse gets burned at the rate of 100%. With No Pre-sale and Pre-mining, the gameplay and Token Economics makes this project unique in the whole NFT ecosystem.

Research on any new product can be justified by knowing the “Why” and “How” the product is logically good and trustworthy. Now let’s go down into these two things.

Here is the reason for “why” I selected vNFT and added it to my bucket of research. Possibly this will interest you as well.

  1. Magical support and trust in the community: I have never seen such a reaction just for a product announcement with zero followers gaining thousands of impressions, which encountered (Tweet Link) me to write something about it. This point also answered my question as to why users take digital art NFT’s seriously.
  2. The second one is The “How” Part…

How it Works :

  1. Existing NFT holders can wrap their NFTs to vNFTs on by burning given $Muse or you can buy them on Opensea, $Muse can be brought from the Uniswap with Ethereum (MUSE-ETH Pair).
  2. vNFT lets you mine $Muse as rewards only once per 24 Hours.
  3. Feeding Gems will cost you $Muse with certain points and a lifetime. (Example Simple Gem costs 5 $Muse with 100 Points + 2 Days of Life, And Pamp It Gem costs $100 Muse with 3100 Points + 5 Days of Life, a total of 6 Gems were present in the game).
  4. There are HP & Rarity Points which can be calculated on Aggressive Gameplay by burning more and more $Muse every day.
  5. The Amount of $Muse gets mined per vNFT depends on the gameplay and levels. Higher-level implies higher rewards. (Example: A 50 Level vNFT will Mine 19.29 $Muse while a 10 level vNFT will only mine 7.86 Muse).
  6. If you missed feeding your vNFT before it’s TOD (Time of Death), then it will die and get burned forever. Also, other players can kill the dead ones in the Death Valley and claim 60% of their points which will help to level up. Terrific gameplay isn’t it?
  7. And there is a bazaar in the museum where there are 3 accessories currently, each one has a power that makes the vNFT gameplay more intense and interesting.
  8. Yes, you need to pay the gas fee to play this game.

Passionate Team of Two

Jules and Adam are the developers and founders of the Very Nifty. Here is the fascinating part about them, They met online 4 years ago and live in different countries and never met in real life. They get in contact with each other online every day, make-a-list, brainstorm, get the work done, and deliver on time. This is the reason why this project has gained trust and a super positive response.

Now they are about to launch their mighty second product the NFT Dex just in three months. VeryNifty has become a hardcore community-driven project, the users still keep playing amidst huge gas fees also there has been a lot of freedom for the community to explore since all the code is open-sourced.

Interesting Update :

Many of the NFT projects have been launching or shifting to the L2 sidechains because of the recent Ethereum’s high gas fee. But the vNFT, however, managed to stay on ERC even after getting an offer from the Matic Network.

The Team believes that the gas fees will bring balance and fairness to the gameplay, also their community isn’t willing to give up on the vNFTs feeding and mining $Muse irrespective of the monstrous gas fees at times.

The NFT DEX named NFT20 – A Uniswap for NFTs with governance token $NFT20 with a total supply of 1 Million is getting ready to get launched on the 15th of January.

Apart from this, the team is planning for an Airdrop of 10% of the total supply to the eligible vNFT holders who have above 70Hp Score. (This score is based on how aggressively the players are leveling up by burning huge amounts of $Muse every day).

With vNFT – Muse and NFT DEX – $NFT20 there will be two different products in the Very Nifty Ecosystem. For More: NFT20 Litepaper

Also, the team is planning a grand vNFT Giveaway ahead of their NFT DEX launch, Try your good luck.

The Game-changing Airdrop :

Do you know how this game started?

The team did an airdrop of more than 2K vNFTs (1 per 1 Erc Address) who joined their telegram group in October. This is one of the reasons why they have solid support, as they give a lot back to their community. 

However, I believe the best product to ever come out offered the best user-base. VeryNifty is one of them, user support from its initial stage is only possible because of the product, and the seriousness of the team over the product.

Every individual should only enter these markets based on their research and risk. We try to bring awareness about the new interesting products that are worth looking into. 

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