The Convergence Of Blockchain, Crypto, And Artificial Intelligence
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Some years ago we saw different movies that centered around smart robotics. Remember the talking computer in the 80’s series “Super Force”, or a recent movie like “Iron Man” that featured JARVIS ( fictional artificial intelligence)? It feels like Hollywood predicts technological innovations before they become a reality. Virtual assistants in the form of talking computers in movies have become a reality; we have Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc. However, the underlying technology goes much farther than virtual assistance. A.I is being deployed in blockchain and crypto applications to make the infrastructure even stronger. 

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

The concept of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) dates back to 1950; it was termed Computing Machinery and Intelligence by Alan Turing. Years later, John McCarthy gave it the name “Artificial Intelligence”, and it stuck. In recent times, the application of A.I. has proven to be vast, and just like cryptocurrency, it’s causing disruptions. The use case of A.I. spans different industries and sectors, which creates endless innovative possibilities.

Various companies have begun to integrate A.I. into their business models because it brings more accuracy to operations. It mitigates the risk of mistakes as a result of human error, among other intelligent automation to enhance productivity.

It is the fourth industrial revolution where crypto, blockchain, and A.I. are co-starring in the industrial revolutionary movie. Some people may wonder whether there is a convergence of crypto and A.I., and the answer is yes there is. A.I. is vast and has a plethora of use cases, including automated crypto trading apps that investors and traders leverage globally.

A.I. In The Crypto Space

Considering that blockchain is a relatively new technology, its abilities and features may be referred to as nascent. However, a lot has been achieved within a decade of blockchain and cryptocurrency’s existence. Remember that blockchain goes beyond the underlying tech for crypto; it’s a decentralized distributed ledger technology. It means, as long as data and records are involved, blockchain technology can be used in any industry.

A.I. and blockchain are versatile and flexible technologies that can be integrated into any system. While blockchain brings improved security to data and records, A.I. can make crypto operations more intelligent and seamless.

Blockchain reduces interference from 3rd parties, while A.I. mitigates the risk of errors and mistakes. A combination of both technologies in any system will make for more efficient operations within the system.

The combination of the technologies is not hypothetical, as there are different companies commingling blockchain and A.I. Some of these companies include:

One of the amazing things about the cyber digital systems of the fourth industrial revolution is their interconnectivity. This makes it easier for companies and businesses to adopt these technologies for different purposes.

What are you doing about your alignment with these emerging technologies? Do you think A.I. will take over the world, as we have seen in some Hollywood movies?

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