StealthEX crypto exchange has always taken a deliberate approach to adding new assets to the platform. Both popular and lesser-known digital assets are selected to provide its customers with a wide range of options. Making the swapping process easier, StealthEX is happy to announce the listing of LOCK token from Houdini Swap on its platform.

StealthEX seeks to provide the best service to its customers, and the significant step of listing the LOCK token is one of the many the platform takes in order to ensure that its users are able to do swaps between a variety of digital assets – effortlessly and quickly, with the support a huge collection of cryptocurrencies to choose from. While facilitating crypto exchange by adding new assets to the collection, StealthEX aims to make crypto exchange simpler and the crypto field – even more interconnected.

About StealthEX Non-Custodial Crypto Exchange

StealthEX, a quick cryptocurrency exchange platform, enables limitless and smooth crypto swaps. With StealthEX, exchanging digital assets is simple, non-custodial, and requires neither sign-up nor verification. The service calculates a fixed fee for each transaction. Before a user chooses to start a swap via StealthEX’s minimalistic interface, the platform shows the exact amount of cryptocurrency and all possible fees. StealthEX takes pride in being completely transparent and user-friendly.

StealthEX offers a vast selection of crypto assets, including 1400+ coins and tokens, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), Tether (USDT), and many more, as well as an astounding amount of uncommon cryptocurrencies, some of which are difficult to find while browsing other platforms. Now, this collection has been topped with Houdini Swap (LOCK).

About Houdini Swap Leading Private Compliant Exchange

Houdini Swap is the leading provider of compliant private transactions where users can send, trade, bridge, and receive cryptocurrency across all popular chains ensuring their wallet is anonymous when doing so. At its core Houdini Swap is an aggregator of non-custodial exchanges which uses privacy coins to anonymize its users’ transactions. User funds are never pooled, and the service complies with AML regulations, making it an attractive and safe platform to use.

The LOCK token enables community ownership while also driving Houdini Swap’s ecosystem through various retention mechanisms. Staking and related reward incentives, along with gamification in the near future, are examples of systems that are intended to create a self-sustaining community-based product loop. Within this loop, $LOCK holders profit from using Houdini Swap and, in turn, further support staking rewards.

Houdini Swap (LOCK) Serves as an Excellent Addition to StealthEX’s Crypto Collection

StealthEX ensures that its users get further benefits from the LOCK token availability on the platform. With its help, they can diversify their portfolio, access new trading pairs, stake the token to earn rewards, and participate in the Houdini Swap’s ecosystem. Houdini Swap offers a sustainable staking program, designed to reward $LOCK holders. 

StealthEX is glad to let its users get access to more rewards and investment opportunities through its platform, and the listing of Houdini Swap ($LOCK) goes along with the service’s main goal of enabling its customers to freely exchange various crypto assets in the most efficient manner.

You can visit StealthEX to learn more about the LOCK token and explore its trading opportunities. Don’t forget to take advantage of the new asset listing or simply try swapping digital assets via StealthEX to see how seamless and simple crypto exchange can be.


StealthEX strives to become one of the global bridges from fiat to crypto, from today’s fragmented financial system to the future’s open financial system. The methodology here goes beyond a particular asset’s popularity, incorporating factors such as adoption, fees, trading volume, and liquidity for a comprehensive evaluation. By doing this, StealthEX facilitates crypto exchange and promotes the popularity of cryptocurrencies, including Houdini Swap (LOCK) token, to a wider audience, broadening the horizons of the crypto industry.

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