Opera Offering Support For Unstoppable Domains On iOS & Desktop Browsers

Opera Limited, the company behind the popular Opera browser, will add support for Unstoppable Domains for its iOS and Desktop browsers. With the added support, millions of users globally will have seamless access to the decentralized web. The decision makes Opera the only browser that offers native support for Unstoppable Domains on Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Details Of The Announcement

According to the April 28th announcement, Opera will offer full integration for Unstoppable Domains, the blockchain domain names provider. Users will no longer require a browser extension to access the feature. Users of the Opera browser can access decentralized sites hosted via IPFS with the popular .crypto NFT addresses provided by Unstoppable Domains.

Access to the decentralized web using Opera can take place across all the five popular existing platforms, which are Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Opera already supports a crypto wallet, which was added across all platforms in 2019. Globally, the browser is used by over 320 million monthly active users.

Opera first began offering native support for Unstoppable Domains in 2020 when it added the support on its mobile browsers. It marked the first time a leading browser offered support for a domain name system that was outside the traditional Domain Name Service (DNS).

The added support on the desktop browsers will open up the native support to over 80 million monthly active users. Users of the browser can access a .crypto domain as seamlessly as when using a domain registered on the traditional internet ( .com addresses. )

About Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains was launched in 2018. It offers .crypto and other top-tier domain names to users without renewal fees. When a user claims a domain, it is minted as an NTF on the Ethereum blockchain, which grants the user full control and ownership. Besides access to the decentralized web via the Opera browser, .crypto domain names replace complex wallet addresses for payments when for over 40 crypto wallets and crypto exchanges.

Comments On The Developments

According to Maciej Kocemba, Opera’s Product Director, the company believes in offering people access to the full web regardless of the technology that powers it. He said that the company had always supported web innovation, and the decentralized web was a natural next wave. The Director added:

“Making Unstoppable Domains accessible in the Opera browsers means our users can try blockchain technologies for themselves. Registering your .crypto domain, which is forever yours, is a great first step into Web3. It also gives people a chance to own an NFT.”

Matthew Gould, the Unstoppable Domains CEO, also had equally positive sentiments. He said that the expansion of the Unstoppable Domains support by Opera to all platforms would give more people access to high-functionality NFT domains and access to the decentralized web. Gould added:

“These domains simplify the process of transacting with a .crypto wallet, eliminating the need to remember a lengthy wallet address. Since we’re still in the early days of decentralized domains, people can still claim their preferred .crypto username.”

Recent Notable Developments

Unstoppable Domains recently sold a domain name NFTs for $100,000. The sale of win.crypto, hotels.crypto, and gambling.crypto, which took place in March 2021, was the most expensive sale of a domain name NFT in history. Currently, most domain NFTs go for less than $40. The historic sale shows that interest in NFTs is growing beyond digital art. Thus far, Unstoppable Domains has registered over 700K blockchain domain names. Anyone can register a .crypto domain by visiting this link using their Opera browser.

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