OMC Group is offering people a fun way to learn about the blockchain. On August 7, 2020, the group announced the launch of their new game called Omni Pets that entails collecting tradable digital tokens.

About the Omni Pets Game

The Omni Pets are ERC721 standard digital tokens. They are non-fungible tokens; it means that each token is unique, unlike ERC20 standard tokens used to create cryptocurrencies. Every week, 200 ERC721 game tokens are released in the form of eggs. The pets have to be cared for when they hatch as their trading value rises if they are happy and content.

OMC Group is the blockchain arm of AIO Synergy Holdings Berhad. They created Omni Pets as a fun way to introduce the masses to blockchain technology. It is a fun learning experience where players are also rewarded by collecting tradable ERC721 tokens.

There are 16 designs for the digital pets that cover the physical traits of the pets. These traits include body shape, eyes, and different colors and patterns. There will also be limited edition tokens for special occasions. Players can buy the pets using the in-game currency called the gold coins. Each gold coin has a value of $1. Users can buy the gold coins using ETH, BTC, USDT, and the OMCoin.

Since each pet is unique, OMC Group will allow the owners to rename their pets at no cost the first time. However, renaming the pets a second time will come at a fee. If the pets are traded on a secondary market, the new owner can rename their pet without any cost the first time, but they will pay a fee for any subsequent renaming. The purpose of the renaming fee is to ensure that the system is not abused, which could lead to network congestion.

What the CEO Had to Say

Jack Lee, the CEO of OMC Group, said that each Omni Pet would be represented by a unique token based on their blockchain. He added that the company believes Omni Pets will be a fun way to introduce the masses to the blockchain. At the same time, they will have an opportunity to collect and trade the digital tokens.

The CEO noted that outside of collectible digital tokens, the ERC721 tokens could be used to tokenize other unique assets such as jewelry, property, and art pieces. He concluded by saying that OMC Group believed the blockchain could help to facilitate a trusted form of ownership for digital assets. As a result, they were taking the first step in this direction via the Omni Pets game.

The Omni Pets ecosystem will run on the OMChain2.0, which is a consortium blockchain. It allows authorized participants to participate. The blockchain is secure and it is performance-driven. Owners of Omni Pets will have an opportunity to understand how the blockchain functions. They will also gain insight into the blockchain when trading the pets, which is facilitated using smart contracts built into the OMChain2.0 blockchain.

Image Source: OMC Group Twitter

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