NFT For Jack Dorsey's First Tweet Ever Hits $2.5M Bid
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Jack Dorsey is no longer just interested in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. In recent developments, the Twitter CEO has expressed fascination with Ethereum. He did so through NFTs, which are a new craze in crypto markets. NFTs are a form of digital assets where individual ownership is recorded on a blockchain for transparency. Jack wants to tokenize his first tweet ever on the Twitter platform. People are willing to pay up to $2.5M for this digital copy. 

Jack Dorsey And The Crypto Community

It is no news that Jack has shown great interest in cryptocurrency. Many are aware of his love for Bitcoin, especially after he gave Bitcoin its own dedicated icon for mentions on the Twitter application. Interestingly, Jack is looking to diversify his crypto portfolio, and that is a plus for digital asset enthusiasts. This time he seems to be camping with the Ethereum community, in a rather unusual way.

Jack was the first person to make a tweet on Twitter when the app debuted in 2006. You are probably wondering what this information has to do with anything…

Hold on! So he listed the Tweet for sale on an NFT platform called “Valuables.” It may interest you to know that some hours ago; bidding hit $2.5M. 

For clarity, there is a social network called Cent that enables users to add a price tag to their tweets. The tweets are put for sale via an Ethereum-based framework and platform called “Valuables”. This is one of several blockchain-based innovations that bring value to shared data and information.

If you are wondering what the tweet was, you shouldn’t be; it’s just five words, “just setting up my twttr”. That’s it, and the value of the Tweet is already increasing on Valuables as more people bid.

“just setting up my twttr”.

As we can see from the tweet above, the founder of TRON ( Justin Sun ) is willing to buy the tokenized tweet for $2 million! 

Unfortunately, Justin is being outbid by another individual, who is willing to purchase this tweet for $2.5 million. The image below is from the Valuables platform. The Valuables platform creates an environment where content creators can reclaim their intellectual property in the digital age. Once a tweet is tokenized, it becomes “unique” since it is essentially signed and verified by the creator. In traditional collectibles like art, buyers run the risk of purchasing fake and forged copies. NFTs are deriving their value from a model where everything can be verified and signed by original content producers via blockchain technology.

“just setting up my twttr”.
Source: Valuables


Crypto, Data, And Value

It is interesting to see that value can be placed on data that we may think is worthless. Who would have thought that a genesis Tweet from 2006 could cost as much as 2.5M? It goes to show that cryptocurrency’s use cases are beyond what we imagine.

Crypto makes it possible for you to own your data and decide what you want to do with it. The internet is a centralized system that thrives on data. It is intriguing to see that people can monetize their data by leveraging blockchain technology and digital assets. In a world that is consistently seeking more clarity, digitally signed copies are one step closer to transparency on a global scale. It will be interesting to follow the NFT adoption curve. The opportunities are endless here.

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