After 12 months of preparation, AntBot(, a free full-featured cryptocurrency automated trading system, following the first intelligent long-short position risk control system, has launched relative value strategy to adapt to the high volatility and risk of the crypto market, helping traders achieve solid asset appreciation and leading quantitative investment.


AntBot strategy team reviews all the trading data of more than 200 mainstream cryptocurrency trading pairs since 2013, uses AI analysis in 5 dimensions, including public chain, liquidity, application scenario, underlying logic, and value agreement, to find the spread of value divergence between related trading pairs, and finally introduces correlation trading pairs for strategy combination, and formulates AntBot relative value strategy. The strategy gains spread by buying undervalued crypto assets and selling short overvalued assets until the price of both converge and close the position. Due to the small spread of the underlying assets, the AntBot Relative Value Strategy has a high win rate and low P/L ratio, and is suitable for all market conditions such as trending market, oscillating market and low volatility market, etc. In bear market, the AntBot Relative Value Strategy especially has the characteristics of robust asset appreciation. For details, please refer to

After 3 months of actual measurement, AntBot quickly discovered the pain point of the relative value strategy. Due to the reliance on price convergence, when there is a “Black swan” incidents and the price trend of the associated crypto asset does not converge, losses will occur. Meanwhile, due to the huge changes in crypto assets, some assets were eliminated from the market in model selection requiring timely reactions for updates.

In order to cope with low-probability events and safeguard users’ assets, AntBot selects mainstream trading varieties according to market, and eliminates low liquidity and high-risk cryptocurrencies from its strategy portfolio. In terms of trading strategies, AntBot adopts multiple strategies in parallel to form a relative value compound strategy, which can repair the low probability risk events brought by a single strategy and can better improve the overall risk-adjusted return, while reducing the volatility of the portfolio, with a high-frequency trading efficiency of 0.4 microseconds, allowing traders not to miss any wealth opportunity. In terms of profitability, AntBot uses two relative value bots at the same time for the same cryptocurrency pair for two-way arbitrage to double the return effect.

AntBot team is headquartered in Singapore, the international financial center, and its core members are top traders and financial strategists in the crypto investment industry, managing over $100 million in funds and serving over 100,000 users in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. It is a deep partner and market maker of many leading cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Binance, OKX, Bybit, Huobi, etc. And it has ranked top 3 in Binance for 6 consecutive quarters in terms of market making volume. Its team members have managed several crypto funds with the highest annualized return of 60%. AntBot is now available on Google Play, App Store and Web, and has accumulated over 30,000 active users.

As a new generation intelligent cryptocurrency trading system, AntBot covers almost the whole process of investment, including selecting investment objects, choosing the best time to buy and sell, how to arbitrage, how to allocate assets, risk control, etc. It uses computer technology to select multiple “high probability” events from huge historical data that can bring considerable returns to customize the strategy. Now you just need to tell it what you want it to do, and AntBot scans the entire cryptocurrency market in a matter of seconds, entering and executing orders faster than if you were to enter the same orders manually. If you want be more speedy and have more efficiency for your trade, employing a cryptocurrency trading bot could be the right choice. If you’re the type of trader who tends to be driven by emotion rather than trading strategy, you’re likely to execute a trade that results in a loss because of panic selling and fear buying. While when you rely on an automated trading robot, emotions will never influence you. AntBot allows you to be relaxed in the market while providing excellent trading guidance.

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