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Stratis Group Limited-a Blockchain development company- has unveiled its novel smart contracts on Microsoft’s.Net platform, according to a public announcement on the 3rd of July.  The firm has announced the Cirrus Sidechain Masternodes and Stratis Smart Contracts, inventions intended to empower industries to build smart contracts in the programming language C#, a general-purpose language assessed to be used by 6.7m developers.

Top Programming Languages

C# was initially developed by Microsoft within .NET, its development platform for building apps for web, Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Server and Microsoft Azure. It is the most popular enterprise programming language on the most widely used enterprise framework. This will professedly enable establishments to set-up smart contracts on one fundamental general-purpose blockchain. The unveiling of the Cirrus Sidechain- a blockchain- attached to the Stratis mainchain prolongs functionality for dealings operating on the Stratis network. It professes to deliver a widespread choice of business use cases, ranging from tokens and lending networks to source and self-sovereign identity solutions.

According to the public announcement, the Cirrus Sidechain is built to avert expansion of the main Stratis network and enable a high level of scalability. The Masternodes will function on the Cirrus Sidechain by means of a Proof-of-Authority agreement algorithm, in that way improving safety by increasing accountability and at the same time, dropping the workload and energy consumption required for Masternodes to maintain the blockchain. The unveiling trails a fruitful two-week public testing phase during which Masternode Operators were allowed to become acquainted with running a Sidechain Masternode and working on the Cirrus Sidechain.

Smart Contract Use Cases

The advent of Stratis Smart Contracts in C# eliminates the need for industries to generate an entirely new blockchain for every new decentralised request, but as an alternative can create a set of Smart Contracts in a language they recognize and deploy them on one fundamental general-purpose blockchain. Gustav Stieger, a senior developer at Stratis, is of the opinion that the Cirrus Sidechains will enable the firm to scale up the Stratis platform as they complement functionality and set up sidechains with use-case explicit alterations, such as block time and block size. He revealed that with the innovation, it will be simpler, inexpensive and quicker for developers to build distributed ledger transactions and smart contract functions tailored to their business needs.

The Founder and CEO of Stratis- Chris Trew- revealed that Stratis is devoted to enabling businesses implement blockchain solutions for real-world use cases.  He added that now, for the first time, establishments and developers are able to build private blockchains and program Smart Contracts in their familiar C# language.

Trew sees the new innovation being especially beneficial to big establishments, financial services firms along with government organizations whose methods function within Microsoft’s .NET framework as it is devised to curtail any unsuitability issues which may rise from blockchains and Smart Contracts being developed in other programming languages. In June, it was revealed that Microsoft will purportedly make available blockchain-based tools to PowerApps and Microsoft Flow users. In particular, AI and blockchain tools will be encompassed in Microsoft’s PowerApps custom application builder and PowerBI business intelligence tool.

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