Meta Legends: The Latest Future-Inspired NFT Collection
Source: Meta Legends Twitter

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) represent the most recent development in blockchain-based assets, going beyond cryptocurrencies, stable coins, governance tokens, and utility tokens.

But What Are NFTs?

NFTs are digital assets with identifying information stored in smart contracts. This information distinguishes each NFT, and as such, they cannot be directly substituted by another token. On the other hand, Banknotes can be exchanged; provided they have the same value.

Furthermore, digital art has become the latest trend to take the world by surprise. Some may even say that the hype behind NFTs might have overtaken crypto too! Honestly, it doesn’t come as a shock. NFTs have brought in a revolution of their own. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, with the hopes of becoming wealthy overnight. From celebrities minting their own NFTs to NFT inspired mining rigs, people can’t get enough of the NFT fever. No one’s putting a stop to this anytime soon, especially when you have another player in town. Yes, you heard it; Meta Legends is the newest player on the block, with their very own Metaverse collection of NFTs. The inspiration comes from some of your favorite fictional characters out there. 

But before we look into Meta Legends and its jaw-dropping out-of-this-world NFT collection, let’s have a look at what makes digital art so unique.

What Makes NFTs Special?

Ideally, the value of NFTs does not arise from a game of digital hot potato in which you buy something in the hopes of selling it for more later. And so on, until the whole thing comes crashing down. Remember that an NFT is precious because it may hold personal meaning for you. That is what makes digital art valuable! 

Some NFTs can be useful in other ways as well. Assume you purchase an NFT related to an online game. Perhaps it will one day grant you privileges and prestige in the game, or it may even serve as the foundation for obtaining some other, difficult-to-acquire item, something that only you can have because each NFT is unique. Suppose you’ve ever played World of Warcraft or another similar game. In that case, you understand how valuable a piece of armor or a weapon can be. With NFTs, no one can take it away from you, not even the game’s creators. You own the full rights to the asset and can benefit from its commercial value.

With that being said, let’s talk about what makes Meta Legends’ NFT collection unique and desirable.

Meta Legends

Meta Legends‘ founders Robin Janssens, Salim Elhila, and Maxime Hacquard have overseen tens of millions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of employees. As cryptocurrency veterans and social media influencers, they’ve combined their unique skill sets to develop Meta Legends into the fastest growing NFT community ever. 

The most inspiring factor is the team’s ultimate ambition. Yes, you got that right! The team behind Meta Legends aspires to create a universe that rivals DC Comics, Disney, and Star Wars. The main idea behind the NFT collection is to save humanity by releasing a team of 12,345 unique Meta Legends. The concept behind the project is quite brilliant when you dig in deeper! One look at the collection, and you’ll know these powerful beings called the “Meta Legends” are genuinely created for a bigger purpose. 

The Legends are generated utilizing thousands of elements and are categorized into different levels according to their rarity. The Meta Legends can be broken into seven categories; Celestials, Burners, Roboters, Goldbois, Matrix Angels, Cybers, and Roughs. Celestials are the most powerful and are the great guardians of the metaverse. Out of 12,345 Meta Legends, only 17 units are Celestials, highlighting that they are extremely rare! The rarity factor decreases as you move from Celestials to Roughs, where in comparison, 5298 units exist. 

The best thing about the Meta Legends; they are all unique and awe-inspiring because of the incredible artwork and attention to detail. They genuinely look like characters taken out of a science-fiction movie. If you are a fan of fantasy and future realms, you are indeed in for a treat! Because the artwork behind the Meta Legends takes its inspiration from a variety of games, movies, and dystopian worlds. For instance, Celestials take cues from Avatar and Dr. Manhattan. Burners, on the other hand, are inspired by Star Wars and the famous console game Killzone. 

Explosive Growth & Global Reach

Since launching their Discord less than two weeks ago, membership has skyrocketed to 90,000 members. That’s even after their moderators banned over 50,000 bots and inactive users. The hard work behind the project is credited to their team of over 40 dedicated staff. 

Furthermore, the Meta Legends team recently released their Meta Olympic Games, including hints and easter eggs placed in various cities worldwide. This is quite a fun way that an NFT project has taken to the streets as part of a genuinely global movement.

Lastly, with the debut set for the end of November, it’s not too late to join Meta Legends’ Discord and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. You want to make sure that you participate in their Easter egg hunts, whitelist competitions, and giveaways. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your hands on these ultra-rare NFTs to enhance your digital portfolio.

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