Longenesis, a Hong Kong-incorporated firm has announced that it will begin to provide its medical-consent platform as a service to two top medical facilities in south Korea-Hanshin Medipia Medical Centre (specializes in testing and health check-ups) and Infinity Care (developer of a medical algorithm)-. The announcement of these partnerships has totaled the number of business partnerships the firm has in south Korea-its current primary market focus-to four.

Using Blockchain For Healthcare 

The budding firm which was formed in late 2017, offers a collection of integrated blockchain solutions for medical providers, providing facilities ranging from user interfaces for patient communication to medical record keeping.  However, its key emphasis has become medical-consent technologies. We have recently talked about the different sectors that can benefit from Blockchain Technology. Along with us explaining the use case in insurance earlier this week, we had also outlined other industries that are poised to benefit. Health care is no exception as it’s framework is perfect for Blockchain solutions.

With the longenesis platform, every phase of the procedure is linked, certifiable and auditable. Basically, with the medical-consent technology, patients agree to a specific care or choose to participate in a study or a trial. These patients reserve the right to withdraw agreements, while the medical provider can offer to extend, adjust or revise the agreement.

Longenesis project manager – Denis Bazinov – revealed that the crucial feature is the manner in which the system works with pharmaceutical companies and research institutions. They can examine the anonymous metadata to see what information might be available. They can then propose the chance to participate in trials or studies or publication their existing information to be used in the assessment of a medicine or procedure to the owner of the data—the patient—.

Blockchain For Documents 

According to Bazinov, this new technology is very different from existing normal operating procedures. Traditionally, consent is supervised by using paper forms, and the scheme for recommencing, bringing up-to-date and altering consent is disorganized and inconsistent. Once the data is collected, researchers pay for bulk deliveries of information that may not be reliable or properly collected.

Bazinov alleged that the platform offers a transparent chain from the patient through to the hospital.  revealing that the desire of the platform is to make more information available to the researchers, who currently face problems of quantity and quality. Longenesis has two existing partners in South Korea and has two prior transactions in the market. The first partnership happened in April, after the firm signed an agreement with Incheon-based Gil Medical Centre to build a blockchain solution for medical-data management. The other partnership is with Terragene.


The key being provided by Longenesis uses Bitfury’s Exonum, a framework for distributed blockchain applications. According to Bitfury, the platform is highly protected, clear and audit-able, developed using the Rust programming language. It is important to note that Longenesis has the exclusive license for the use of Exonum in the medical field.

Bitfury, which is taking into consideration a preliminary public offering this year, already has noteworthy dealings with South Korean partners. Earlier this year, it set up Bitcoin mining operations in Paraguay with Commons Foundation, (a Seoul-based group). Korelya Capital, which is a firm based in Paris and connected with South Korea’s Naver, was a notable investor in an 80 million USD Bitfury funding around late last year.

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