A lawyer representing Craig Wright recently said that Craig Wright does not have the private keys to $8 billion worth of BTC. These addresses contain the BTC that Satoshi Nakamoto mined in the early days of BTC.

In an update to the court, Wright said that he had received information to unlock an encrypted file that contained thousands of BTC addresses, which he claims to own. Earlier, Wright had said that a bonded courier would bring him an encrypted file that contains the BTC addresses as well as the private keys. When he said he had received the addresses, many believed that he had also received the private keys.

However, his lawyer claims the file he received does not contain the private keys. Wright claims that he expects to receive those keys later. However, he would not discuss where the keys were and when they would arrive. This statement was apparently confirmed by Decrypt

The Lawsuit

The brother of David Kleiman, who claims that half of the BTC Wright owns belongs to his brother since they mined the BTC together, is suing Wright. However, Craig Wright has dismissed this claim. He insists that he mined the BTC alone. Initially, a judge had ordered Craig Wright to hand over half of the BTC but that decision was overruled and the case is headed to trial.

According to his lawyer, the decision to go to trial was great. It would allow him to prove that Wright and Kleiman were not in any partnership. It will now be up to a jury to decide on the case. The lawyer claims that it is now up to the Kleiman estate to prove that a partnership existed. He added that they had held discussions with close associates of David Kleiman and none of them could support the argument being made that he invented BTC. Initially, the court had ruled that Craig committed perjury but the ruling was later overturned. His lawyer believes that it will come down to the evidence the Kleiman estate presents in court, which he believes they do not have.

BSV Price

As Visionary Financial recently mentioned in an article on market analysis, the news that Craig Wright had an encrypted file that would prove he essentially created Bitcoin was the BSV catalyst. Following the news, BSV price took off as investors projected that positive sentiment would change hands to BSV if true. As discussed above, it turns out that Craig Wright does not appear to have the most important part of the puzzle… the private keys. Without presenting the private keys, it makes his argument much weaker. Since these developments surfaced, BSV price is getting annihilated the last 5 days dropping from nearly $445 levels to $265. 

The Case thus Far

In August last year, a judge ruled that Craig had committed perjury and that he needed to hand over half of his BTC to the Kleiman estate. However, that ruling was overturned by a district court. The judge ruled that Kleiman was only liable for the costs of the lawsuit and no more.

The judge also gave Craig Wright time for his bonded courier to arrive with the list of public addresses. Wright says the information has arrived and he submitted the 16,404 BTC addresses to the Kleiman estate. The Kleiman estate is asking the court for 80 days to review the addresses as well as proceeding with additional depositions.

While Wright has made claims to be the creator of BTC, no information has been presented to prove this claim. Besides that, for a man who is worth billions of dollars, there is little proof that he has that much amount of wealth.

Image Source: Pixabay

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