About a week ago, the MetaMask wallet was banned from the Google Play Store. However, Google has decided to lift the ban. At the time of the ban, Google accused the MetaMask of violating its terms of service. The wallet service was accused of allowing mining activity on mobile platforms. However, MetaMask does not offer such a service.

Ban Lifted

ON January 1, MetaMask tweeted that the banned imposed had been lifted. In the tweet, MetaMask said that Google decided to lift the ban after considering all the facts carefully. It is worth noting that MetaMask has over 260,000 monthly users; all of whom had been affected by the ban.

On December 26, MetaMask cast doubt on Google’s decision to ban it from the play store. They claimed that the wallet had violated the mobile mining policy, which is a service that they do not offer. It is worth noting that the ban took place at around the same time Google banned crypto videos on YouTube. Shortly after, all the videos were restored.  The event has since come to be known as the YouTube crypto blackout. This is not the first time Google is going after MetaMask. In July 2018, Google removed MetaMask from the Chrome Web Store.

Apple Going After Coinbase

In related news, Apple appears to be going after Coinbase. According to a Reddit post, which was confirmed by Brian Armstrong the Coinbase CEO, Apple wants Coinbase to remove its dApp browser from its Wallet app.

In the Reddit post, Brian Armstrong said that Apple’s decision was unfortunate. He said that Apple seems to be eliminating Dapps from the App Store. He added that Coinbase might need to communicate to Apple in some way that its users were interested in Dapps.

The CEO added that this was an important innovation in the finance sector. He added that there were many developers and users of dapps with millions of dollars tied up in these apps. However, they may no longer be able to access these apps on their Apple devices if this policy decision is not reversed. Coinbase has already erased all information regarding the dapp browser from the App Store. However, Google does not seem to be following the same path; the dapp is still active.

Actions by tech giants in recent weeks do not auger well for the future of dapps and the crypto market in general. Ultimately, they have huge platforms, which make reaching the masses easier. Ultimately, it might be to their detriment. Dapps and the blockchain have a great future ahead and if they choose not to join in, they may be left out and become obsolete, just like what happened to Kodak.

Various other companies such as Facebook and Twitter already recognize the potential that blockchain technology and digital currencies hold. On its part, Facebook plans to launch the Libra digital currency. Twitter, on the other hand, recognizes the power of the blockchain and it has started laying plans to integrated decentralized standards for the platform.

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