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Can you earn free crypto online? Yes, in fact, it is probably easier than you might think. If you are interested in making some free crypto, here are some of the easiest methods to do so. 

Free Cryptocurrency Faucet

Crypto faucets are a great way to earn a small but steady stream of crypto. For instance, a site might feature a faucet where crypto is dispensed at a steady rate every few seconds or minutes. The amount is usually tiny and can be just a few cents or a dollar every few minutes. This faucet is usually installed as a promotional feature to get visitors to linger around the site and view content. The faucets usually have benefits for the site owners such as increased revenue and other benefits that make it worthwhile for the site. 

Crypto Games

Earn free bitcoins for visiting websites. Games sometimes offer players crypto. These games are usually filled with ads. It works just like faucets, the rewards keep people playing the game and viewing ads, which helps to offset the cost of crypto they award to players. If you do not mind the ads and enjoy playing the game with a lot of time to kill, the tiny crypto rewards can build up over time. There are many gaming options when it comes to crypto. One platform we recently had a chance to try out is StormX. We came across is in the app store and was blown away by the user interface. The app made it very easy to stack rewards by playing some fun games. You essentially earn rewards called “bolts” which can be redeemed for Bitcoin, Ethereum or Storm Tokens. If your into gaming, we recommend trying out the game “King of Avalon” which paid out some crazy earnings! Storm is really fueling cryptocurrency adoption and awareness. Aside from just game earnings, they have a whole separate division for shopping which compensates you for shopping at their partner companies. If you have interest in earning some crypto, give them a check!


A few years back, you might have been able to make hundreds of BTC and other crypto using your home computer. However, it is more difficult to do that. Mining major crypto coins such as BTC is dominated by a few mining farms with powerful ASIC miners. If you want to mine crypto using your computer, you should opt for lower end crypto coins that do not use a lot of processing power. 

Affiliate Marketing 

One of the easiest ways to earn crypto is via an affiliate program. These programs exist in almost all industries, including the crypto world. For instance, if you successfully refer people to a service, you might accrue some BTC or other crypto. Coinbase runs one popular affiliate program, which offers $10 in BTC free. 

Hard Forks

If you are lucky, a coin you currently hold might decide to hold a fork. When this happens, you will receive the new coins at the rate of 1:1. Sometimes, coins from forks can appreciate a great deal. One of the most famous hard forks is the Bitcoin Cash coin, which is worth a lot today. 

Other Ways to Earn BTC

There are various ways to earn crypto. For instance, you can request for BTC donations using a QR code or wallet address. Additionally, you can work for a company that pays in BTC. It is also possible to ask your employer to pay you in BTC instead of fiat. This can be your whole salary or just part of it. If you are hoping BTC will appreciate, this can be a great way to build up your wealth. Bitcoin can grow in value tenfold in just a few months. If you are ready to hodl your earnings in BTC for years, you might one day be worth a lot of money.

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