Gold Bezos Token

Since it started, Blockchain has changed a lot to adapt more to the financial sector, getting more and more attention worldwide. And thanks to that, even more people are becoming interested in dealing with digital currencies.  

Of course, this adaptation came with various tokens on the market to suit everyone’s preferences. Yet, since last year, deflationary tokens have increased in importance. 

But isn’t deflation bad? Well, in traditional finance, it is. However, for cryptocurrency, deflation is a positive factor.  

As time passes, the market supply of a deflationary cryptocurrency decreases, as users or the project’s team engage in activities that reduce the token’s supply while the value rises.  

Recently launched, Gold Bezos is one such platform that provides this type of tokens, and as the project progresses, it shows towards a promising future.  

Why should you choose $GBEZOS?  

The deflationary crypto token brought by Gold Bezos is called $GBEZOS. And if you are wondering why you should utilize $GBEZOS, the simple answer is that it is a fair token launched recently on the ERC-20 network.  

But more than that, $GBEZOS is a new kind of stable coin that comes with a locked liquidity pool and a smart contract oriented to long-term value growth.  

The token has a total supply of 1T and offers a number of advantages, including:  

Fair Launch: $GBEZOS is a decentralized crypto network that has been earned, owned, and governed by the community since its beginning. Anyone can participate on equal footing, and there is no pre-mine, early access, or predetermined token allocation. 

Automatic Burns: Automatic burns are used to increase the token price and tilt the supply/demand ratio. The $GBEZOS smart contract burns liquidity tokens regularly to reduce the total supply.  

Solid marketing: The team behind the Gold Bezos project has developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to gain as much public exposure as possible. They will target their audience through call channels, Twitter, Youtube influencers, and real-world tools like billboards and outdoor advertisements.  

Utility: The token will be listed on several exchanges for simple transactions and serve as the foundation for the GBEZOS Wallet, storing tokens and NFTs, and the entire GBEZOS NFT platform ecosystem. The revenue generated by the GBEZOS NFT platform will be distributed to token holders. Also, the funds gained through the platform will be put towards NFTs, stable coin staking, and STRONG nodes.  

More about $GBEZOS  

The platform is based on a Jeff Bezos meme, and it is built by an experienced software development team that will provide market-leading dApp utilities for the $GBEZOS project. The token has a 10 ETH pool that is locked and a rug-proof contract.  

And, thanks to a variety of deflationary techniques, it will continue to grow in popularity. Furthermore, profits will be re-invested in the project, and ETH rewards will be redistributed among holders and an Amazon payment gateway.  

The market capitalization is still very low, hovering around $400,000. Yet, the project aims to reward its holders differently to generate additional income for the ecosystem.  

With that said, get ready to get your hands on the most valuable token of the future and participate in this innovative project. Learn more about Gold Bezos and their plans by visiting their website. 

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