Freename is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Ethermail, leading Web3 Email Provider.

Thanks to this partnership, users can now use Freename domains to send and receive web3 and web2 emails on Ethermail, the first email solution setting the standard for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication and P2P communication. This integration benefits more than 100,000 already active users in total on the Ethermail and Freename platforms. The use of Web3 email overcomes some of the limitations of traditional email, including phishing attacks, spamming by marketers, and lack of anonymity. Of course, web2 email is still the most widely used product today with over 4 billion registered mailboxes, which is why Ethermail offers the possibility of using Freename domains to send messages to traditional email as well. This is an important connection between the web3 and the web2 worlds that facilitates both early adopters of this new technology – coming from the traditional world – and those who have been using it for a longer time. 

How do domains work with web3 emails? The functioning of domains with web3 emails is conceptually simple. First, the domain is connected to a wallet (on Freename), which in turn is connected to a web3 email account (on Ethermail). Therefore, when you send an email from one domain to another, it is actually the two wallets associated with the domains that communicate. This process, referred to as wallet-to-wallet communication, has the important advantage of being anchored on the blockchain: as a result, each message has both the guarantee of anonymity and the security of being printed on the blockchain (in the form of a smart contract) forever. That said, Ethermail and Freename members must own a domain to use email, which can be purchased on Freename, and associate it with a wallet. This functionality is made possible in one click within Freename’s domain management panel. 


Davide Vicini said, “Integration with Ethermail is a big step for both the web3 and web2 worlds, bringing as many users as possible to fast and easy communication via web3 domains.”


Shant Kevonian, CEO of Ethermail: “We are happy to welcome Freename to our platform and excited to integrate their domains into our web3 email solution. This partnership enables us to offer our users the possibility to communicate with easy to memorize aliases while still benefiting from the advantages of web3 email, such as enhanced security, privacy, and anonymity. By combining our expertise and resources, we can bring the benefits of blockchain-based communication to a wider audience, and we are looking forward to exploring more opportunities for collaboration in the future.”

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