Since Bitcoin was first released into the world over a decade ago, it has continued to experience global growth despite rough patches along the way. There’s been many theories postulated to explain its success. Some have claimed it’s due to the creation of decentralized control over personal finances while others have different reasons.

Peter Todd’s Take on Bitcoin Price 

During a recent piece of the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast, a former Bitcoin Core developer, Peter Todd, said that BTC would influence how other organizations and individuals behave. According to him, the success of BTC might influence how various institutions come up with guidelines on their monetary policies. In general, anything that leads to positive change in the financial world due to BTC would be considered a success. For instance, he said that if BTC forced PayPal to come up with better policies, BTC would be considered a success even if it does not achieve mass adoption.

However, the former Bitcoin Core developer also claimed that the value of BTC would drop to zero eventually. He said that his conclusion was based on the norms of reality. The host of the podcast told him that his sentiments were a very unpopular opinion in the crypto industry.

Todd went on to say that, the success of BTC would depend on whether the USD would fail before Bitcoin failed. However, he did give a timeline for his prediction. Todd postulated that the BTC could outlast the USD in the future.

On BTC Mining

Todd also discussed the current BTC mining model that is used to secure the network. According to him, if mining were not very profitable in the future, the effect on BTC would be quite low. He said that all that mattered was whether there was enough money spent on BTC mining to secure the network. Todd said that it was dangerous to rely on the transaction fee to secure the network. In his opinion, including inflation for the mining reward might be a move in the right direction.

On Crypto Wallets 

Peter Todd was quite critical of hardware wallets as well; he cited a recent example of the Trezor wallet hack by Kraken, where they managed to hack a wallet in about 15 minutes. In the podcast, they noted that hardware wallets were vulnerable to social engineering and supply chain hacking. In general, Todd is not very confident about hardware wallets. He is not supportive of people buying hardware wallets on eBay. He also noted that there was no way to verify that once you sent your BTC to a hardware wallet it had arrived in the wallet. In the past, Todd has noted that hardware wallets were quite easy to replicate and install malicious software.


While many people have predicted the end of Bitcoin price, it has yet to happen. Thus far, Bitcoin price is doing quite well and most people in the crypto community do not believe that Bitcoin price will ever drop to zero. One reason for this is that new use cases are still being developed. As Bitcoin adoption continues to grow globally, this theory should get much more attention.

Image Source: Pixabay

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