FinestraMiner Launches - Seamless Non-Stop Crypto Mining

Mimiq has launched FinestraMiner, the first FCC-certified Helium hotspot developed from the ground up for digital asset enthusiasts. The simple-to-use cryptocurrency miner and IoT gateway will install in seconds — either directly on a windowpane or on a shelf-top. The device has the potential to work flawlessly without a fan, assuring uninterrupted mining capabilities. In 2022, Mimiq items will be part of the People’s Network by the Helium ecosystem.

According to the announcement:

“This is the only gateway and miner designed first with the consumer in mind.”

CEO and co-founder of Mimiq, Noyan Berker, stated:

“Mimiq recognized the disruptive nature of Helium’s People’s Network early on and we wanted to help the network grow through our Mimiq mainstream devices. Consumer products are in our DNA, beginning with the Mimiq GO (previously Mimic GO) that connected via LoRaWAN to the cloud. Now, with the FinestraMiner gateway, we have extended our commitment to the LoRaWAN standard, the People’s Network by Helium and our distribution and E-Commerce partner CalChip. We believe it starts a new phase in our growth as we continue to add new Mimiq products in 2022 that will not only be part of the Helium ecosystem but work more uniquely and intelligently with our gateways.”

Source: FinestraMiner Website Snapshot

Irresistible Features

High Performance

FinestraMiner provides near-constant mining with a high-performance CPU and a resource-optimized operating system.

Better Handling

Mimiq uses LoRaWAN radios in consumer gadgets that fit in the palm of your hand. FinestraMiner is built on proven expertise to provide you with best-in-class coverage and data handling performance.

Easy Setup

FinestraMiner satisfies everyone’s desire to be part of the People’s Network, not just blockchain geeks and RF specialists. To obtain outstanding performance, their carefully built, user-friendly, consumer-ready gear requires no additional setup, installation, tuning, or after-market antennas. Simply turn on your miner and begin mining!


Due to its unusual window-mount design, the FinestraMiner is also known as the “miner with a view.” The gadget has an innovative reusable adhesive surface that allows it to be placed and relocated from window mount to wall mount to shelf – in search of the optimum coverage position – without leaving adhesive smears or dings on the walls.

Source: FinestraMiner Website Snapshot

About Mimiq

Mimiq (previously Smart Mimic), is a Silicon Valley startup that creates fifth-generation low-power, long-range linked consumer gadgets for portable safety, trackers, and other uses. FinestraMiner is the company’s IoT gateway for The People’s Network from Helium (Helium Hotspot) that provides connectivity to nearby IoT devices while also mining cryptocurrency.

Mimiq is expanding its distribution network internationally, including operations in Turkey and Canada. The startup got seed funding from prominent Amazon, Apple, and Google alumni and executives, as well as strategic funding from IoT network providers and security firms.

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