ESPN Global is a mobile e-sports platform that is based in the UK. The company’s headquarters are in Poland and it aims to transform the global mobile gaming sector using the blockchain.

ESPN Launches

ESPN Global recently announced that their blockchain-gaming platform had launched. Users of the platform will be able to make deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin and other crypto coins. Payments will be processed through Cryptopay.

As part of the announcement, ESPN Global stated that they would integrate an online treasure hunt called “Satoshi’s Treasure.” The treasure hunt will include $1 million worth of BTC that will be dispersed amongst 1000 finalists.

In the statement issued by the company, it said that the pre-launch phase would offer popular games through a mobile app with prizes paid in crypto. Functions such as verification of transactions will be decentralized using blockchain technology.

The payments will be handled by Cryptopay, a company that specializes in crypto payments. The goal is to ensure that payments are safe, secure, and swift. Users of the platform can choose a game or join a group to take part in real-time competitions. Awards are issued based on the highest points gathered.

Premium Membership

Members of the platform can also sign up for premium membership where one is given priority access to slots and early access to new games. The UK-based e-sports platform is under ESPN Global Corporation Ltd that has its headquarters in Poland.

According to Chris Parker, the director of ESPN Global, the blockchain holds a lot of potential. He noted that the e-sports sector was worth $140 billion globally. The director added that the e-sports sector was mainly driven by digital micro-transactions. In his opinion, the micro-transactions popularity in the e-sports sector would be greatly improved by the use of blockchain technology.

Satoshi’s Treasure

As part of the launch, the platform is going to launch Satoshi’s Treasure. It will be a $1 million puzzle game. The director of ESPN Global, Chris Parker stated that: “With this $1 million puzzle game Satoshi’s Treasure, we are promising a bounty-laden bitcoin wallet whose keys will be divided into 1,000 fragments, spawning a global hunt for the prize pieces.”

The platform also has plans to launch an initial exchange offering for their Smart Gaming Token ( SGT ), which is an ERC20 token.

According to Chris Parker, from the day of the launch, they will offer SGT airdrops to registered players as a gift. He added that when players lose money in a game or tournament, they would be compensated via the SGT airdrops. Players earn an equivalent value in SGT for what they lost, which will be sent to the ERC20 wallet.

SGT airdrops are valued at $0.001. However, the value is set to rise as the gaming community grows. Those with premium membership who receive double SGTs against the amount of super contest will also have any losses covered via airdrops.

The use of blockchain technology in the e-sports sector is still limited. However, platforms such as ESPN Global are helping to show that the technology has the potential to transform the industry.

Image Source: Pixabay 

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