Energi is a cryptocurrency project led by YouTuber and BTC Enthusiast Tommy World Power. Of late, the project has been getting increasing attention from the crypto community. The Energi project draws a lot of inspiration from the Dash network; in fact, it is a fork of the Dash source code ( but not the Dash Blockchain ). If you tried to transact between Energi addresses and Dash addresses, you would quickly find out that no compatibility exists. Dash is already quite popular due to its masternode and treasury structure, which Energi improved upon.

Energi Could Overtake Dash

With its improvements, Energi might one day surpass Dash in terms of market cap and popularity. Those who invest right now might reap big soon. The secret to its success might lie in its huge treasury. While Dash is much bigger than Energi, the Energi coin’s treasury is more valuable than that of DECRED, PIVX, and Dash.

It is also worth noting that the Energi treasury is fully decentralized. Use of the funds is controlled via masternodes that approve spending. This is quite important since it makes it possible for the coin to afford things like paying developers, listing fees, and cover marketing and operational costs.

Rewarding the Community

A small percentage of the coins go to rewards for miners. 10% of the coins went to the Energi Backbone, which is quite small compared to most of the current ICO that reward founders 20-50% of the coins.

Taking Crypto to the Masses

Energi has a simple goal ensuring the mass adoption of crypto. To do this, the coin has created a strong foundation, which controls 40% of all Energi coins. The coins are released monthly to the treasury, which is four times bigger than all other crypto coins with a similar structure.

This is a win-win for the coin. As it grows, its treasury will grow, giving it more room to grow and form more partnerships. The coin inflation rate is also higher since it encourages investing and spending the Energi coins. The Energi foundation is going to identify the most high-value activities and invest in them. It has a goal of ensuring that each dollar invested offers more value.

How Energi Avoided Holding an ICO

The ICO sector has come under increased regulatory scrutiny in recent months. Energi decided to avoid holding an ICO. Instead of holding an ICO, the founder opted to receive a 10% on-going stake, which far small than most founders receive. This is similar to a 3-5 distribution model adopted by some ICOs. However, instead of this, the incentive is spread over the lifetime of the project. This innovative model will ensure that Tommy is committed to the lifelong success of the project.


You have two options when it comes to staking. You can either opt for a masternode that pays returns of around 82% or stake your coins in the Energi Wallet. All you need to do is open the wallet and leave it connected online. The wallet earns returns of around 62%.

To earn some free Energi, you can join the discord online and earn from Energi Rain. This is not the first time the coin is giving away coins. During the earn drop program, users were awarded coins for sharing about the project on social media.

Energi Price

Energi currently trades in the $3.22 arena with a market cap of about 66 million. Despite sell-offs from all time highs of $10.19, Energi has still performed well over the 1 year time frame. If we compare prices 1 year ago to today, we would see about a 941% increase in prices. This is very notable – as a majority of the “altcoin markets” have performed rather poorly the last year. On the fundamental side of things, The supply structure for Energi is very appealing. With a circulating supply just over 20 million, it becomes a catalyst in true supply v demand environments. A lot of projects with similar market caps to Energi have much larger supply levels– which makes it difficult for the price to move. With Energi displaying that “low float” structure, you could see spiked volatility but also much larger runs if the project makes substantial strides forward.

Source: CoinGecko

Photo Source: Energi Medium Article

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