Dubai and Beyond How Creed & Bear is Expanding Its Reach in the MENA Region

As the digital asset landscape continues to evolve, traditional asset management systems may fall short in providing investors with the necessary tools to navigate market volatility. Creed & Bear recognizes this challenge and offers a unique approach to digital assets that leverages AI-powered technology to extract predictive signals from historical data. With offices in Switzerland and Dubai, the company is expanding its reach in the MENA region and poised to become a leading player in the asset management industry.

Key Information:

  • Creed & Bear takes a unique approach to digital asset by recognizing that market sentiment, rather than traditional market fundamentals, drives the digital asset market.
  • The company’s risk management methodology places capital preservation at the forefront, utilizing a wide range of robust risk measures to limit downside risks in a constantly evolving digital asset landscape.
  • Creed & Bear’s technology leverages a powerful machine learning technique to remove the speculative aspect of the digital asset market and make well-informed decisions.
  • The company’s advanced fintech software solutions utilize AI to extract predictive signals from historical data, manage downside risks, and deliver effective solutions.


Diversification and Risk Management for Digital Asset

In a market driven by sentiment rather than traditional fundamentals, diversification and risk management become essential components of successful digital asset investment. Creed & Bear’s approach to digital asset recognizes this reality and offers clients the tools necessary to limit downside risks while capitalizing on market opportunities.

Regulating Digital Asset for Safety and Compliance

The digital asset market remains unregulated in many jurisdictions, creating significant risks for investors. Creed & Bear mitigates these risks by structuring and issuing licensed and regulated investment funds in favorable jurisdictions such as Liechtenstein and the Cayman Islands. The company’s SICAV Fund, monitored by the FMA and regulated by the European Union, provides clients with a level of certainty and compliance that is unmatched in the digital asset market.

Powerful Risk Management Techniques for Digital Asset 

The digital asset market is notoriously volatile, requiring robust risk management strategies to mitigate downside risks. Creed & Bear’s risk management methodology places capital preservation at the forefront and utilizes a wide range of robust risk measures. The company’s focus on a systematic approach to risk control, monitoring, oversight, and infrastructure ensures that clients are protected in a constantly evolving digital asset landscape.

AI-Powered Technology for Transform Digital Asset Market

Creed & Bear’s advanced AI-powered technology extracts predictive signals from historical data to identify opportunities and manage risk in the digital asset market. By staying on top of market trends and providing effective investment solutions, Creed & Bear revolutionizes digital asset investment. The company’s commitment to ongoing monitoring and analysis ensures that its clients always have access to cutting-edge technology and investment strategies.

Dubai a Fintech Hub

Dubai’s strategic location as a crossroads for Eastern and Western business worlds as well as a favorable regulatory environment make it an ideal location for Creed & Bear. Dubai has been at the forefront of adopting artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Creed & Bear can tap into the region’s growing fintech industry and access a wide range of opportunities.

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