Social media has taken over the digital age and shows signs of only getting larger. Dlive is the largest live communities that streams through Blockchain framework. Dlive is supported through the “Lino Blockchain” that allows all sorts of streamers to earn rewards on a daily basis. The earnings component truly differentiates Dlive from any competitors in the streaming space. Whether you are streaming on Youtube or Twitch, Dlive will give you the ability to maximize your steaming experience and truly puts the world in your hands. Dlive understands streaming is a full time job for many and wants to compensate you for the hard work and dedication. 

The Dlive Goal 

Many streaming platforms today do not maximize the earnings component. When is the last time you were compensated for just being a “viewer” ? Through the Dlive platform you don’t even have to be streaming, you can still benefit from the rewards system by just watching your favorite channels. Many of the large streaming channels have continued to grow from a financial standpoint, but they have limited earnings due to facets such as increased platform fees. Blockchain technology has allowed Dlive to put platform ownership in the hands of users. One of the selling points to the Dlive platform is they take absolutely no revenue/commissions from user donations and subscriptions. According to Dlive, traditional platforms will take 50% of your earnings for their personal pockets. Aside from traditional earnings, the platform also hands out bonuses after your steam has concluded. This earnings strategy is simply revolutionizing the industry and creating an environment where the users are highly valued. 

As we mentioned above, the platform doesn’t only incentivize steamers, it rewards all users. If streamings isn’t in your DNA, you can still be rewarded for just kicking back and watching streams. If you enjoy chatting and collaborating with streamers you can earn for that as well. This strategy is put in place to monetize viewer engagement and create one of the most effective streaming platforms we have ever seen.

The Dlive platform as we stated in run on the Lino Blockchain. The blockchain generated “Lino Points” which have a handful of use cases. Lino points give you abilities you have never seen before such as platform choices. Dlive values your opinion and gives you the ability to leverage these points against decisions such as product development and governance decisions. You now have the ability to vote on topics to shape the way the network operates. This mechanism is what the industry needs to insure everybody is having the best experience day in and day out. 

Well This Sounds Too Good To Be True, How Does Dlive Profit?  

If you visit the Dlive website, you will quickly understand that generating a profit is not their main concern right now. Their main concern is building a community where individuals come first. In the future, Dlive will have the ability to generate revenue through advertising and premium service streams. Dlive has the current focus of user growth and these are all revenue streams that will eventually be built in but not alter the ultimate goal of putting the experience in your hands.    

Steaming Options Are Absolutely Endless 

If you visit the websites browse section, you will quickly see there are options for everybody. Whether you’re a Fortnite or music fan, there is a stream section for you. Dlive has so many options and is creating a one stop shop for steaming. The team at VF ( Visionary Financial ) are big sports fans and we recently enjoyed watching in on the NBA 2K19 stream. The Dlive experience will offer you something you’ve never witnessed before in the streaming industry. 

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