DeFi Robo-Trading With The SW DAO Product Line

There are many ways to earn a passive income these days, but many have complicated requirements or don’t work as ‘passively’ as people say. SW DAO promises a worthwhile experience, an experience from which you can meet your goals more quickly.   

If you are familiar with the crypto area or would like to start somewhere and don’t know how, ‘you’ve come to the right place,’ as SW DAO would say.   

In the crypto area, a prevalent method is using strategic DeFi investment products which allocate capital based on Machine Learning and quantitative methods. SW DAO offers several smart DeFi investment options, and they recently have launched automated strategies on Polygon.    

If you are still not convinced, let’s find out more about the SW DAO technologies and the possibilities to make passive income! 

Invest Smart With SW Alpha Portfolio & SW Yield Fund  

Before you start investing, you should get acquainted with SW Alpha Portfolio & SW Yield Fund by SW DAO. Both will allow you to quickly access market-beating automated trading tactics.  

In essence, SW Alpha Portfolio (SWAP) is a flagship strategy that combines human intuition with computer intelligence. Its automated systems track and analyze crypto market movements 24/7, and generate trading recommendations.  

SW Yield Fund (SWYF) is a well-managed portfolio that aims to profit from the growing popularity of ‘Yield Farming’ in the DeFi industry. SWYF aims for a 60-80% yearly yield. 

On Polygon, SW Alpha Portfolio and SW Yield Fund will take the same methodology as those first deployed on the Ethereum mainnet, but considerable improvements in user experience and strategy implementation.  

In case you are not familiar with Polygon Network, keep in mind that it is a scaling solution for Ethereum, that is powered by the Polygon (MATIC) token.  In short, Polygon aims to provide faster and cheaper transactions using intelligent technologies.  

The technologies proposed by SW DAO also come with other advantages, such as faster asset exposure during trading execution within the Strategy and fees for buying and selling that are near-zero.  

The algorithms behind SW DAO examine terabytes of data, including market data, social media posts, and blockchain activity, to find patterns and correlations that allow them to classify market direction, volatility, and risk. 

The Vision Of SW DAO  

SW DAO counts on evolution, continued growth, and expansion, besides their fast results regarding passive income. All the good results came after the SW DAO’s wish to create structured products on DeFi, which provides a one-of-a-kind possibility to service people at all levels.  

But the vision of SW DAO is more extended. They have a retail arm that will offer thematic indexes, actively managed strategies, and automatic yield creation. Also, another arm will provide derivatives, which professional crypto traders have always wanted to gain exposure to that can lead to new income streams and finetune their direction. 

Furthermore, SW DAO aims to accomplish this by building on top of several on-chain protocols and combining them to achieve a specified risk goal while still being completely transparent. Anyone who has access to the Ethereum network can also interact with these contracts. There’s no need to see a broker or an investing firm. 

Meet SW DAO 

From 2016, SW DAO  grew a strong team with academic backgrounds and a lot of knowledge behind it. All the experience resulted in new and very effective products; in a short time, SW DAO created alpha-generating strategies based on the outputs of their systems, which were analyzed scientifically. 

Moreover, SW DAO has managed to build a strong community. They are looking forward to seeing how they leverage the faster and cheaper Polygon network, inviting you to keep up to date with their news on their website and learn how to gain passive income! 

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