deadmau5 Digital Collectibles On The WAX Blockchain
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The first-ever deadmau5 digital collectibles will be launched on the WAX Blockchain. The Worldwide Asset eXchange ( WAX ) and deadmau5 will be offering a series of non-fungible-tokens ( NFTs ) that are verifiable and authentic due to leveraging blockchain technology. 

deadmau5 Digital Collectibles

According to a recent announcement, deadmau5 will be partnering up with the Worldwide Asset eXchange ( WAX ) to launch the first deadmau5 digital collectibles on the WAX Blockchain. Deadmau5 ( Joel Thomas Zimmerman ), is a popular Canadian electronic music producer known for his house music and techno. Deadmau5’s manager was able to spark collaboration through his affiliation with Emanate, which is a technology network that rewards music lovers. Digital collectibles have become increasingly popular this year and the WAX Blockchain has attracted other industry pioneers such as Atari®.

How Do deadmau5 Digital Collectibles Work?

NFTs ( non-fungible tokens ) represent something eccentric that is worth collecting. In traditional markets, people may have a passion for collecting artwork, comic books, trading cards, toys, and many other items. The problem in traditional markets has to do with overall transparency. Scammers around the world make a fortune on counterfeit copies that can be extremely difficult to monitor. Also, physical collectibles run the risk of being destroyed.

Blockchain infrastructure is fundamentally changing this market by offering “digital collectibles.” Opposed to having these collectibles in physical form, the collector actually possesses them in digital form. Digital collectibles rely on Blockchain technology to create an immutable ledger for record-keeping. With the Blockchain being immutable, this means that digital assets are stored forever and can not be altered. This is changing the way we look at transparency and authenticity in this market.

deadmau5 digital collectibles, WAX blockchain
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deadmau5 will be offering rare digital collectibles within the virtual music industry. Through the WAX marketplaces, music enthusiasts can purchase digital collectible packs with a credit card or cryptocurrency. The WAX marketplaces give users the ability to trade digital collectibles with others, display their inventory, and share their collectibles on social media. deadmau5 has decided to create a new brand name called “RAREZ” for the digital collectibles. By placing these assets on the WAX Blockchain, they officially become 100% verifiable and authentic. This is why digital collectibles have gained so much traction in the last couple of years. As discussed above, the current collectible markets have many issues pertaining to transparency and authenticity.

deadmau5 NFT Sale

According to the recent announcement, deadmau5 NFTs will be for sale on Dec. 16, 2020. There will be two different packs that are offered for sale. Users can either take advantage of the 10-pack deadmau5 NFTs for $9.99, or the 30-pack NFTs for $28.49. These rare collectibles will be offered in various animation styles and will be designed around recent shows, video clips, and other deadmau5 specific artwork.

deadmau5 digital collectibles wax blockchain
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deadmau5 Likes Blockchain

It is important to note that this is not the first time deadmau5 has been affiliated with Blockchain. As discussed above, deadmau5’s business manager has worked closely with the Emanate team since 2019. Through the EOS-based platform, deadmau5’s business manager, Dean Wilson, has added 600+ tracks from the mau5trap record label. Emanate is a Blockchain-powered music streaming service. The platform is differentiating itself from Spotify and other leaders by paying artists in cryptocurrency per stream. Artists can earn EMT tokens on the decentralized music streaming platform.

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