On November 14, the Dash Core Group held a Q3 conference call on YouTube. The DASH Group also shared the announcement on the Visionary Financial DASH “Community Board.” Here are some of the important points discussed during the calls.

Version 0.15/0.14.1 will be Unveiled Soon

The Dash Platform dubbed Evonet will be released on the public testnet soon. Evonet is set on a separate testnet. This is being done to preserve the result of the testnet for partners who may want to integrate with the platform once the testing period is done. It will enable a smooth transition to the mainnet in 2020. About six of the partners are quite excited about the platform and they are eagerly waiting to be part of the testing in 2020. Some of those who may want to test out the platform early are payment processors who want to speed up the checkout process.

The Dash Platform will allow users to issue tokens such as the SLP tokens built on the BCH blockchain. They may also add a stable token if it’s something the community desires. Right now, users will be able to store anything on the platform. However, the platform may evolve in the future to exclude unwanted and illegal material.

A Potential Block Reward Modification

The Dash Core Group is actively working on changing the existing block reward model. Currently, the block reward is split 45/45/10. However, the introduction of Chainlocks has improved security a great deal. As a result, some in the community feel the reward going to miners may be too high compared to the benefits they offer. Before the change is implemented, intensive discussions with the community will take place and any decision arrived will be subjected to a network vote.

Dealings with Exchanges and Regulators Are Positive; It Could Open Up “InstantSend” Integration Opportunities

DCG believes that privacy is a spectrum and not binary. In terms of privacy, DCG was able to demonstrate that Dash was no different from Bitcoin. The core group has been holding discussions with exchanges and regulators in Korea and Japan, where Dash has been facing problems with exchanges. Dash Japan has been engaging with regulators and DCG set up camp in the country starting in September. During various meetings, Japanese regulators were unable to state why Dash should be considered a privacy coin. In Korea, DCG managed to get exchanges to pause their delisting of Dash. In the UK, DCG managed to get various exchanges to reverse their Dash delisting and even managed to convince them to add InstantSend.

Use and Adoption of Dash is Growing Despite Price Drop

Except for the price, Dash has been quite well in all other metrics. For instance, Dash saw a 39% growth in economic transactions the last quarter. DCG has introduced a median number of transactions daily, which they believe is more representative of transaction counts. Additionally, it helps to eliminate the effects of transaction spikes caused by stress tests and other events.

The Dash Core Group noted that it was running on a small monthly deficit. However, it said this was not an issue since it had enough reserve. The DCG is working on a plan to improve the network’s economics.

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