During the ongoing court case, where Craig Wright is being sued by the estate of David Kleiman, more details were revealed about Craig Wright’s alleged bonded carrier.

In mid-January, Craig Wright claimed a third party had furnished him with the details that would allow him to unlock a file that he was previously unable to access. In his latest evasive maneuver, Craig Wright is invoking attorney-client privilege. He claims that his bonded carrier is a lawyer and as such, he cannot share any details with the court.

About The Craig Wright Court Case

Craig Wright is being sued by the estate of David Kleiman. The estate claims that Kleiman and Craig Wright founded Bitcoin together. As such, half of all the BTC Craig Wright claims to own belong to Kleiman. If Wright does own the Bitcoin, he owes the estate of Kleiman billions of dollars. The Kleiman family claims that Craig Wright tampered with Kleiman’s inheritance of the BTC and the case has been around since 2018. The family bases its claims on articles published by Wired and Gizmodo in December 2015. Besides that, they point to Wright’s public proclamations at various forums that he is the inventor of Bitcoin.

Besides that, they point to evidence that shows there exists a trust, which holds 1.1 million Bitcoins. When Wright was questioned about the issue in court, he claimed that he was waiting for a bonded carrier to give him the key to an encrypted file. The trust was due to expire in January 2020 and Wright was given until the first week of February 2020 to receive the key. Following the order, Craig Wright explained to the court via a document that he had met with a third party. He claimed the party had provided Wright with the key to the file. He further indicated that he had provided a list of all the BTC holdings, in compliance with the court order.

Latest Court Documents

In another document Wright’s legal team filed on February 2, he invoked client-lawyer privilege over 11 thousand documents. According to Kleiman’s legal team, Craig Wright was involved or created over a dozen companies associated with the documents. Besides the assertion of privilege, the complexity of Wright’s relationship with these firms coupled with vague descriptions of the documents makes it hard for the Kleiman legal team to analyze them.

The Kleiman legal team said that based on their investigation, they had concluded that only two firms were still in existence out of the over a dozen mentioned by Wright. Additionally, they found that these two firms were in the process of being liquidated.

Bonded Carrier is an Attorney

Wright claims that his bonded courier is an attorney. As a result, the documents cannot be disclosed. Kleiman’s legal team has vowed to challenge this assertion in court. They also want the claims by Wright that the courier is an attorney verified. The team notes that Wright has forged documents and submitted false information, thus perjuring himself in court.

Bitcoin SV Price

As mentioned in a previous report, Bitcoin SV price ( BSV ) has sold-off tremendously since its original rally to $420+ levels. Back in January before any additional details were known, Wright had told the courts he had the proper tools that would essentially prove he is the creator of Bitcoin. When this news surfaced, Bitcoin SV rallied hard in anticipation of it being correct. Since then, it seems like Wright statements continue to be fabricated. Bitcoin SV price has since leveled off and is decently long consolidation phase. The next move up or down should be substantially large by the looks of the consolidation right now.


While no one except Wright has ever confirmed that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, this court case might help to bring light to the issue. However, Wright and his legal team are likely to drag the issue out in court for as long as they can. It’s already been a legal nightmare, and it appears to be progressing quite terribly.

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