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The browser industry is currently dominated by Chrome. One browser called Brave is hoping to change all that, not by competing with Chrome but by offering a new business model. However, this model has also received some criticism. Brave plans to strip sties of all ads and replace them with their own, which some view as stealing content from their sites and using it to sell ads. So how exactly does Brave work? Here is a closer look.  

How Brave Internet Browser Works

The Brave browser works in much the same way as other browsers. It lets you navigate sites, run web apps, and play online content. The browser is also able to block ads from appearing on a site. It first launched in January 2016. The co-founder of the Mozilla browser created it. 

How Brave Browser Differs From Normal Browsers

Its most outstanding feature is the anti-ad stance. It strips sites of all ads on sites and replacing them with ads from its network, where users are paid in crypto to view them. All ad trackers are also eliminated on the browsers. This is the reason why you can view an ad based on a site you visit on another site.   

Speed and Privacy

Brave promises users speed and privacy. The browsers can loads sites twice as fast as chrome. On Android ad iOS, the browser loads sites up to 8 times faster than chrome. It achieves this simply by getting rid of ads. Since it has eliminated trackers and ads, the browser has to deal with less data. If not, it would have similar speeds to Chrome. This is important for privacy since most users hate it when large companies collect data on them. The browser has also said that it would not store any user data. 

Payment Model

Brave uses the BAT token to pay content creators. These tokens pay users for spending time to view content and ads. Those who agree to receive the add will be given BATs. These tokens can then be suet to publishers to support their content creation. Content creators can also create premium content and advanced features, which they can sell for BAT. The entire financial mode of Brave is based on BAT tokens. The beta testing model is already active. Volunteers are receiving ads although it is not clear when the platform will begin rewarding all users. 

Funding of the Brave Project

Browsers like Chrome and Safari do not usually have to worry about funding for their development. They are part of large organizations that fund them quite well. Brave is not so lucky, it has to source for funds from venture capitalists. The company managed to raise $35 million to fund its activities by selling the BAT tokens. The company will take about 30% of the BAT tokens that users earn to generate revenue as well as selling BAT tokens to advertisers. Brave will keep 1.5 billion BAT tokens for itself too. The company will use the funds to build a digital ad system based on the blockchain. 

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