Chicago, IL – November, 27, 2019 – bloXroute Labs, a technology start-up that built a Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) to allow blockchains to scale, announced today the results of a three week long testing done by Akomba Labs showing they can significantly improve block propagation time for Akomba Labs.

bloXroute partnered with Akomba Labs, a technology research and advisory firm, to measure the effect of using the BDN on transactions and blocks propagation on the Ethereum network. The testing was organized by Virgil Griffith from the Ethereum Foundation and measured the propagation time, with and without the BDN, of Ethereum blocks from a major mining pool in China to a node managed by Akomba Labs in Singapore.

During testing, actual propagation data was collected from roughly 2,015 blocks mined by a leading mining pool in China to the Akomba Labs’ node located in Singapore. The results show that, on average, the propagation time without the BDN was 360ms (1598 blocks) and with the BDN it was 172ms (1690 blocks): cutting it by more than 50% with the BDN.

Eyal Markovich, COO, further explains: “We spent the last few months focusing on improving propagation out of mainland China. With so many mining pools, exchanges, DApps, and other Ethereum users based in Asia, it was a major goal of ours us to improve the blockchain networking infrastructure in these geographies. We were pleased to be able to deliver such promising results while further testing the BDN’s robustness and new network features. It is also important to emphasize that we expect to see even more improvements with a larger gas limit and larger blocks on Ethereum as bloXroute allows Ethereum miner pools to increase the gas limit and generate larger blocks without slowing down propagation and increasing the uncle rate.”

About Akomba Labs:

  • Akomba is a Singapore-based technology research and advisory firm with a set of products under its portfolio, including, but not limited to Ether.cardsHalo Network, and Collato.
  • Akomba is focused on providing privacy and security consulting and services for all development stages. Services include concept validation, DLT architecture, and scaling solutions.
  • They have served and partnered with leading distributed technology projects, such as Ethereum Foundation, Blockchain Zoo, and ConsenSys.
  • More info can be found at or on their Twitter.

About bloXroute:

  • bloXroute is backed by leading venture capitalists (e.g. MetaStable, Pantera, Coinbase Ventures, ZhenFund, 1 Confirmation, Fenbushi, etc) and founded by networking experts from Northwestern University.
  • bloXroute has developed a BDN that removes the network scalability bottleneck at Layer-0 by propagating transactions and blocks faster.
  • To achieve this advanced scalability, the BDN uses advanced networking techniques such as internal caching, cut-through routing, and optimized topology.
  • The network requires no protocol changes or compromises to security or decentralization.
  • The BDN operates underneath the blockchain at Layer 0, so it is compatible with Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions and PoS, PoW, and hybrid frameworks.
  • More info can be found by visiting or on the bloXroute Medium page.


Brooke Walter

bloXroute Labs

(317) 270-3730

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