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Blockchain use cases continue to surface in 2020, as companies around the globe are looking for more efficient ways to carry out operations. SaraminHR and ICONLOOP revealed that they were collaborating on a blockchain project in South Korea’s personnel hiring industry. According to the announcement, SaraminHR, the largest job recruitment platform in South Korea, will use blockchain technology developed by ICONLOOP, the largest blockchain company in the country. 

Blockchain Use Cases – Job Recruitment

ICONLOOP and SaraminHR signed an agreement at the start of 2020 to build and promote a decentralized identity system powered by blockchain technology. One of the developments from that agreement is the use of blockchain to verify the credential of job applicants.

SaraminHR provides recruitment and staffing management services that include sourcing candidates and provides in-depth evaluation reports on potential employees. With the Decentralized Identity (DID) system developed by ICONLOOP, the platform will improve the credibility of job applications and their recruitment process. The system will allow them to introduce three new features, which are;

  • Certification Forgery Prevention
  • Offline Test Attendance Verification
  • Final Candidate Report Forgery

The Final Candidate Report Forgery Prevention will improve the transparency and security of the job qualification exams and the interview score. Once a candidate completes the exam and interviews, all the scores will be recorded in an immutable public blockchain.

The Certification Forgery Prevention features will require that all applicants download and install the Zzeung mobile app developed by ICONLOOP to verify identities. Applicants can then upload and link their certificates such as transcripts and college diplomas to their identity with the BROOF digital certificate app developed by ICONLOOP.

By using this process, the job recruitment platform will improve the credibility of certificates uploaded by applicants. Besides that, it will make it easy for applicants to upload verified certificates to various companies in just a few clicks. The blockchain that secures the two apps will ensure that the security and privacy of users are guaranteed while providing companies with transparency and credibility.

The Offline Test Attendance Verification feature will ensure that applicants do not cheat during physical exams. To ensure this happens, they will rely on the VisitMe app developed by ICONLOOP. It will be used to check in on an offline test site using a QR code.

The Timeline

SaraminHR and ICONLOOP plan to launch the three features sequentially up to December 2020. The first one will be the Final Candidate Report Forgery Prevention, which is launching in September 2020.

According to Kim Jong-hyup from ICONLOOP, he was confident the values of transparency, reliability, and stability offered by the blockchain would have a huge impact on the recruitment sector. He added that it would offer people practical convenience via first-hand experience.

South Korea has embraced the blockchain in a great way. For instance, Jeju Island, the biggest island in the nation, is already using the blockchain for contact tracing purposes. As the benefits of the blockchain continue to become apparent, many more industries and companies in the nation will likely adopt the technology. In turn, it could trigger increased adoption of the blockchain throughout the region.

Image Source: Unsplash 

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