More than being the technology that is currently changing the world of finance, Blockchain has grown into more interesting industries, as the technology’s potentials are limitless. Blockchain has been incorporated into the gaming world and the first successful blockchain-based game that gained wide adoption in 2017 was CryptoKitties.

This game brought about a massive rise in the development of games built on blockchain technology. Consequently, this development has proven to be an added bonus to both the crypto and gaming world. Additionally, the blockchain-gaming incorporation has served as a basis for the mass adoption of blockchain technology, as it also builds an educational environment for learning about cryptocurrency. Furthermore, blockchain technology offers a stable reward system for collecting digital currencies, hence making the games entertaining and engaging.

Japan, with a net worth estimated at over 40 billion USD, is the leading nation in playing crypto games. Forecasts by blockchain researchers and crypto experts indicate that there will be an increase in crypto games from 2020 as the global penetration of smartphones increases.

Below is a list of some popular blockchain-based games;

Crypto Heroes

This blockchain-based game which was developed in Japan by Double Jump has been in existence for about a year. Crypto Heroes is ranked first in the world, based on the volume of transactions. The game is created on the Ethereum platform as a decentralized application. There are applications for both Windows and Android operating systems; however, the mobile phone and PC require internet connection for the game to run smoothly.

The game play involves the collection and training of historical heroes to engage them in battles. Players have to use their trained heroes to fight and restore their lost glory. More so, players can also build their heroes to acquire new features. The heroes in this game can be traded on a social marketplace or exchange platform for cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Cuties

This game consists of different amazing fantasy creatures such as lizards, puppies, cats, and Pandas, which can be exchanged, sold or converted into cryptocurrencies. The digital collectibles are made available on the various blockchain and can be trained with several skills to engage in battles. The game is available on mobile devices and also PC.

Forgotten Artifacts

Forgotten Artifacts is a blockchain-based game that involves players going on a limitless adventure in search of lost artifacts. In this game, the collectibles are both fungible and non-fungible tokens with scarce supply, which makes them special and valuable. An Enjin wallet is the only wallet used to play the game as it is the only wallet supported for storing collectibles and ERC-1155 tokens.

Gods Unchained

This is a card game that involves deck building. Players are allowed to accumulate cards and acquire sets of rare cards. These cards are developed on the blockchain of Ethereum, players can obtain valid ownership of these cards and trade them for other cards, or sell them on an exchange platform. Gods Unchained also exceeded the transactional volume of CryptoKitties in November 2019.

Spells of Genesis

An arcade and card trading game combined for players to enjoy. Players go through adventures to collect orbs and cards which can be directly stored on the blockchain. It can also be traded on a social marketplace. This is the first game built on bitcoin blockchain.


Similar to the popular series, game of thrones, Splinterlands is a crypto game where six kingdoms battle to have dominance of Splinterland. It also has a common enemy which forces splinters to fight together. There are collectibles for players who defeat enemies.

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