BattleBoots saw users’ demand for Metaverse and designed a portfolio of products that cater to the needs of the average user and offer a comprehensive picture of the future metaverse. 

First of all, a metaverse with rich content and respect for the user’s creativity are the primary drivers of metaverse development. In this regard, BattleBoots created its digital collection of combat boots. Combat boots can be customized by users, allowing holders to create according to their own aesthetic. At the same time, BattleBoots will also open up the NFT design platform for global brands, celebrities, sports stars, and film stars, and convert the creativity and imagination of these top IPs into platform value.

Second, digital assets and digital rights in the metaverse have a strong appeal to the average user in the metaverse, and BattleBoots’s digital collectible combat boots sales platform is in response to this need. Users can purchase dual digital combat boots designed and manufactured by BattleBoots, a third-party company, or any individual on the platform. The ownership of the combat boots will be verified with on-chain data to maintain the security of the asset ownership. Users can also design and sell the copyright of various NFT digital collections in the NFT Digital Collection section.

Finally, BattleBoots’ understanding of the metaverse is not just another digital world, but a reconstruction and enhancement of the real world. People will have a better experience in real life because of explicit data feedback from the metaverse. With this idea in mind, BattleBoots innovatively created combat boots that existed both in the metaverse and the real world.

Through the digital chip inside the combat boots, users will be able to link to a fitness application with an exercise incentive mechanism. Users can constantly monitor their body data and exercise performance, and get more positive feedback from exercise.

BattleBoots users will also be able to earn token rewards by participating in fitness activities such as walking, running, street dancing, acting, and runway walking to participate in the most popular Move2 Earn trend.

BattleBoots believes that the metaverse should be a reality that every user can easily participate in and benefit from. It is because of the enormous appeal of the metaverse to ordinary users that the current boom in the Web 3.0 economy, represented by NFT, Move2Earn, GameFi, SocialFi, etc., has been created. The demand behind this will propel BattleBoots to become the first phenomenon-level app on the MateSpace metaverse platform.

About BattleBoots

BattleBoots is a company that manages metaverse’s digital collection. The company has established and invested in numerous corporate institutions. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles. BattleBoots’s digital collection of shoes and customized IP models are extremely valuable and trendy products.

Furthermore, potential investors and crypto enthusiasts interested in BattleBoots, can visit the project’s official website, or read the whitepaper

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