Bandit Network, an NFT Aggregator platform, and Unstoppable Domains, a Web3 domain provider and digital identity platform, have partnered to offer free Web3 domains to the Bandit community aligned with the launch of “The Minter SBT”.

Imagine you minted a DeGods NFT when no one knew they existed. There is no better way to prove to people that you were there before all the current hype surrounding DeGods. Is there any way for you to prove that you are the “Minter” right now, even if you sold your DeGods NFT?

Introducing “Minter SBT,” a non-transferable Soul Bound Token developed by the Bandit Network team that proves that a wallet owner minted an NFT regardless of whether it is sold or transferred.

Each Minter SBT is a “Soul Bound Token”, which means that once it’s minted the token cannot be sold, or transferred. They will remain in the owner’s wallet till perpetuity, ultimately proving that they were those who came before the hype.

“The goal for these Minter SBTs was for them to act as proof-of-mint and ultimately pay tribute to the first minters,” says Sandesh Suvarna, who is helming the Bandit Network. “Ideally these are the people who have always believed in a project’s innovation and with SBTs the mantle of decentralization shines even brighter.”

By combining the smart contract and a 3D artwork that eventually displays the minted NFT, Minter SBTs are generated automatically for any NFT collection a user has minted.

The collaboration with Unstoppable Domains will allow users to claim a free Web3 domain from Unstoppable Domains when they claim Minter SBT, an innovative feature for the NFT ecosystem.

“With our recent Solana support, Web3 domains are the best way for Bandit Network creators to save their brand, protect their IP, identity, and display their creations in Web3,” said Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains. “We are proud to provide free domains to the project and to make Web3 domains the start of many NFT success stories.”

Unstoppable Domains provides Web3 domains that give people a user-owned, secure, and portable digital identity. Unstoppable domains allow people to replace lengthy, alphanumeric crypto wallet addresses, which are long and difficult to remember, with a simple, easy-to-remember name. People can use Unstoppable Domains to send and receive crypto, log in to more than 270 apps, games, and metaverses, create decentralized websites, and build their Web3 identity.

How to claim a Minter SBT, a free Unstoppable Domain, and free $BAD Token wrapped Bandit NFT?

Claiming the Minter SBT is extremely easy and can be completed in the following steps:

  1. Head to

  2. Connect your Metamask wallet if Ethereum user/ Connect your Phantom wallet if Solana user.

  3. You will see all the NFTs you minted using the wallet on the currently selected network.

  4. Click on an NFT whose Minter SBT you’d like to claim.

  5. Sign the transaction in your wallet app.

  6. You will have successfully claimed the Minter SBT in your wallet.

  7. To claim the free Unstoppable Domain, enter the domain you’d wish to claim in the search bar.

  8. Select the domain and click on “Claim.”

  9. Enter your email address that will be mapped with your Unstoppable Domain and click on “Claim.”

  10. A message will appear stating “Successfully Claimed.”

  11. If you are eligible for receiving $BAD Token wrapped Bandit NFT, you will be able to claim upto 1000 $BAD Token by clicking on the “Claim” button.

  12. You will be greeted with the message “ Token Minted Successfully.”

What’s next?

The goal is to let the NFT communities go above and beyond by having their members claim a Minter SBT based on which a wide range of community activities can be planned and in near future these SBTs even act as certificates of ownership for real-life commodities. 

With the launch of Minter SBT by Bandit Network and a cross-platform collaboration with Unstoppable Domains, the goal of giving the NFT communities more power and opportunities in Web3 is one step closer to being realized.

Come be a part of it now:

Name: Nilkanth Iyer

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