Torsten Hoffmann, who has received numerous awards for his insightful 2015 documentary on Bitcoin, has launched another documentary. The documentary is titled “Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains, and the Future of the Internet.” In the documentary, various experts talk about the economic system and the future of cryptocurrency & blockchain technology. 

Various Experts Share their Views

In the new documentary, various experts in the crypto sector such as Charlie Lee, Samson Mow, Roger Ver, Wences Casares, Andreas Antonopoulos, and Laura Shin share their views and opinions on the crypto sector. In the film, a lot of time is dedicated to talking about Bitcoin and the various applications and technologies that have grown out of the technology. It talks about the positive impact of these technologies on the world. Besides that, the film talks about Web 3.0 in passing as well as decentralized finance. In general, it covers more topics than the last documentary by the same filmmaker. If you wish to view the documentary, you can visit the official site where you can pay 0.0007 BTC or $5.88.

One of the people that feature prominently in the documentary is Andreas Antonopoulos, a renowned crypto evangelist. In the film, he states that a major problem with the crypto sector is the lack of mass adoption. Besides that, he notes that there is not enough long-term perspective to determine whether crypto will be used as a store of value or as a medium of exchange. For instance, he notes that Bitcoin means something different to someone in Venezuela compared to what it means to someone in San Francisco. Charlie Lee of Litecoin also discusses the mass adoption issue. According to him, if the crypto industry is to thrive, players in the sector will have to work with the existing financial system.

Roger Ver, another famous crypto evangelist, who is often called “Bitcoin Jesus” in crypto circles, talked about the economic freedom crypto could offer. He noted that globally when governments are going to war, they finance the war effort via money-printing instead of direct taxation. He added that if the ability of governments to print money could be taken away, it would also deny them the ability to wage war.

The Scaling Problem 

In the film, Roger Ver also discusses the scaling problem with Bitcoin. He explains why he has been against the censorship on forums such as r/Bitcoin where most comments on the platform were censored for years if they mentioned the scaling problem. In the documentary, Ver said that anyone who does not support free speech is against Bitcoin. In his opinion, anyone doing that is an enemy of Bitcoin. He noted that even when he had directly quoted the Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin whitepaper, his comments had been deleted.

A Bigger Budget and Better Quality

Hoffmann noted that this time, they had a bigger budget, and thus the quality was better compared to the last film. He said that the budget for this documentary was eight times larger than for the last documentary. He said that this time, they received funding from Screen Australia, a broadcast company, which helped them to tell the story more ambitiously.

Image Source: Pixabay 

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